Teal Table Lamps

After a broken lamp snafu, I had a little shopping to do.  I started where I usually do, TJ Maxx and Ross.  Sadly, both stores were surprisingly bare in the lamp department.  No joke, there were about 10 lamps total in each store.  Boo to their disappointing selection.  Luckily, Target has tons of cute lamps.  But I made the choice to buy non-breakable lamps this time, which quickly whittled down my options.  I settled on two teal lamp bases (on sale for $14.99 each) and plain-Jane white shades for $13 each, meaning each lamp and shade cost under 30 bucks.

Bonus, the bases are resin!  I don’t know that I’m 100% sold on the lamps (hence the tags and stickers), but the price was fantastic.

The teal color is fun and bright, but I think I’m hung up on the shape.  Not as simple as the last pair of lamps.

What do you think?  What are your favorite lamps?  Especially of the unbreakable variety.

38 thoughts on “Teal Table Lamps

  1. The color is gorgeous. I think the shape adds a little bit of whimsy to the room. It looks great with the straighter lines of your furniture and the stripes in the rug.

  2. I agree with you. I’m not fond of the shape of the bases. I liked the simplicity of the old ones. You might, when shopping, ignore the color of the lamp and find the shape you like. You can always spray paint them.

  3. I hear ya on the shape… Comes across as a little too busy especially when paired with the rug. Might be just me though. I really like them though. Anywhere else where they might make sense?

  4. Love the lamps! I think if you get sick of the “busy-ness” of the shape, it could possibly be toned down with a more neutral-colored coat of paint. Nice find at a great price!

  5. I had that same lamp in my shopping cart yesterday… but I couldn’t find any throw pillows to tie it all together. I ended up going with the mercury glass lamp. I absolutely love it!! But, I have this nagging fear that yes, my new beautiful lamp will end up shattered on the floor as well. And with a 2 year old, probably pretty soon. Wish me luck!

  6. I really like the lamp bases! The color is so perfect for your house. I like the shades, too (I have a couple of the exact ones in my house), but they are RIGHT on your chair molding, and them being white is kinda creating a blended in look. I would suggest covering them in burlap or even going for something like this instead :


    but then it might blend into the wall color too much. Can’t wait to see where you end up…even if you end up right here.

    1. Hi Julie, I wouldn’t mind the different shape if it were a little more simple, but I do love the color change.

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks!!

      Hey Brittany, Target has some shades that have coordinating ribbon along the top and bottom, but they only had one. I did think about adding some decorative detail if I keep them. 🙂

      Hi Alli, Yeah, that’s true. The curves help balance the straighter furniture.

      Hey Leslie! I didn’t really care about the color when deciding, but these ones are resin (hopefully less likely to break) and nothing metal came close to the price. Basically I factored it down to price, material, and then the look. But I’m still not sold on them.

      Hi Michelle, I don’t think I’d keep them if we don’t use them in the living room. Probably just return the lamps and try to find something else.

      Hey Amy! Thanks! I bet the white looks stunning in your dining room. 🙂

      Hi My Honest Answer, That’s right! We’re keeping tags and wrapping on until I’ve decided for sure either way. Just looks tacky in the mean time. Haha.

      Hi Jenna! Spray paint does cure everything. I just don’t know exactly what I want. 😦

      Hey Carrie, Really, Target didn’t have throw pillows to coordinate? Hmmm. I saw a mercury glass lamp but passed by because I don’t want ANOTHER broken lamp. Fingers crossed your lamp fares better than ours have. 🙂

      Hi Julia! I like the simplicity of the shades. If they stay, I’ll probably do something to jazz them up a bit, but I haven’t decided on that part yet. I’ll keep you posted!


  7. I think they add so much color and fun into the room 🙂 The shape is a not as sleek as your former pair, but the color perfect. I just bought a pair of bright yellow lamps from Target a few weeks back, I love them perfect pop of color in our living room.

    Give it a few more days to decide 🙂

    1. Hey Katrina! I saw your post about the lamps. They look great! I just don’t want something breakable. If I see something I like better, these are definitely going back.

      Hi Emily, Glad I could help you in your shopping! I think in the right room they’d be perfect! I just haven’t decided if that’s our room. Haha.


  8. I think it’s more the amount of substance rather than the simplicity of them. The old lamps had more bulk on the bottom and seemed to balance better than the skinny base does, especially when you look at them from a distance. They are cute though, and I’m sure it you decide to keep them you will make them look great.

  9. I think I am on the same boat as you with the shape… LOVE the color, but the shape seems off.. they are too slim for the space. Maybe they will grow on you though?

  10. The Target I went to had a really weak selection for pillows. The only one I saw that matched that shade of blue was the http://www.target.com/p/Xhilaration-Plush-Decorative-Pillow-Teal/-/A-12416464#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink – but it looked a bit college style. The only blues in the pillows I saw were a dusty shade, and just didn’t “go” with those awesome lamps. Looks like you already had some coordinating pillows – the lamps fit in perfect!

    1. Hey Jenn, I’ll definitely keep you posted. 🙂

      Hi Erica! We’ll see what happens. Thanks for your vote!

      Hey Audra! Ya know what, that’s definitely part of it. Something a little more substantial and more simplistic is what I was looking at. I thought about getting this one: http://www.target.com/p/Room-Essentials-Mix-and-Match-Oval-Lamp-Base-Sea-Going-Medium-includes-CFL-Bulb/-/A-13815941 Then decided I didn’t want to buy lamps in another year. Haha.

      Hi Teresa, Yep, too skinny. The Kate Moss of the lamp world. Ha.

      Hi Ashley! Well, go on down to Target and get yourself some. 🙂

      Hey Carrie! Yeah, definitely dorm room style. You don’t have to go with teal though. What other colors do you have in the space?


  11. I love the lamps, but then I love a bit of whimsy in my space. The shades? Meh. My latest DIY love is covering lampshades with fabric. Make a paper pattern. Cut fabric. Adhere to shade with spray adhesive. Trim edges with store-bought trim or self-made bias tape. I’ve been using “Document” fabric (like they sell at Ballard Designs, but not so expensive) for some fantastic results.

  12. I have been coveting those lamp bases and I think they look great. Love the colour, love the shape. I did like someone’s idea to gussy up the shades a bit though. I haven’t read your blog for long but was just wondering if you normally have a coffee table or something like that in this room?

    1. Hey Cate! If we keep the lamps, adding details to the shade is definitely a possibility. And, no, we’ve never had a coffee table in this living room. With the boys being so little, we didn’t want anything that they would get hurt on and Ben typically doesn’t like ottomans as coffee tables. I think once the boys are older we’ll do something to fill the space more. 🙂


  13. I can attest for the heartiness of these lamps. We have one (the same color) in our nursery and it has been knocked over a couple of times…not by the baby, but the husband! He just picks it back up and keeps on going. I think I need to fasten it to the dresser some how! But it is a fun and sturdy lamp!

  14. I love the pop of color they add over your previous lamps but I think the bases need to be chunkier. I am not bothered by a plain shade like some others though.

  15. There’s not much else going on in the livingroom – expect for a whole lotta brown. Dark wood console, dark leather brown chair with matching dark brown ottoman, horrible beige sofa and that’s about it. It’s a super small space and I’m having a tough time trying to spruce it up. I need mood board help – STAT!! 🙂 I’ve been slowing pinning some ideas – leaning towards a blue, beachy light kinda feeling… that’s why I almost got that blue lamp. I’m not sure if I can pull that style off though with all that dark wood!

    1. Wow, the lamps are a hit! If only I could strongly back them. Haha.

      Carrie, If you want to send pictures to ourhumbleabowed@gmail.com I would be happy to take a peek and see what ideas I can come up with… Maybe a mood board. 🙂


  16. Swooooon! That is almost the color I painted my bedroom. I love them! I am so stuck on lamps-we have only our two tiny bedside lamps in the whole house and the lighting in our new construction home a terrible! Where do you even start? How many lamps should you have in a room?

    1. Hey Sallyhp! That’s a good question! Typically, we have two lamps in each room for balance, but you can definitely have one. It just depends on how much light you need in a space and what you use the lighting for. If you’re reading, you’ll want a lamp near your reading space. Or on a nightstand so you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights…

      Hope it helps!

  17. LOL! I have THE SAME Lamp! I have it in my living room. My living room is painted tan with buttercream trim, black leather furniture, black tv stand/ent. center and splashes of color…everywhere. BRIGHT, deep, REAL color and this lamp is the PERFECT touch! LOVE IT!

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