Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Moochie Lou & More Table Lamps

First order of  business, our giveaway winner. chose number 13, Kim!  Oh, and Olivia, the creator of Moochie Lou products, is offering a 10% discount to OHA readers!  Enter the code OHA2012 in the coupon code section at check out.

Yesterday, I shared the lamps I bought to replace the one E accidentally broke last week.  I left Target with two of these teal lamps paired with two basic white shades.

I decided to (hopefully) prevent another shattered lamp episode, so the resin base was perfect.  But was it prefect?  I’m still debating whether or not I like the lamps in our house.

So I did more online shopping/oogling.  Here’s what I found.

$30 and under

A cute little ceramic guy from Target:


Double gourd lamp from JC Penney:

Woodlands Table lamp base from World Market:

Oval Lamp bases from Target:

A low and sleek glass base, also from Target:


Green Line table lamp from CB2:

Glass Jug lamp from West Elm:

Delta Table Lamp from Y Lighting:

$-In my dreams

Cleo table lamp from Crate and Barrel:

Tortoise Bottle Neck lamp from Clayton Gray Home:

Boom arm lamp from Ralph Lauren Home:

Did you notice there’s very little out their in the under $30 price point?  Which is most of the reason I bought the lamps I did.  Do you have a favorite from the list?  Something to add?

11 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Moochie Lou & More Table Lamps

  1. Its so hard to find a pretty yet inexpensive lamp! I really like the JCP lamp for your home (If they had my color I would have bought a pair for our living room) I say buy the JCP lamp it includes the lamp shade & gives the most stylish bang for your buck 🙂

    My in ‘my dreams’ lamps is over $200 bucks, Ugh i think NOT

  2. Hm, more expensive they are, more I love them. I wonder if a different shade, like that on the small ceramic Target in the first position, would “go” better with your base – you know, a straight one, not conic. Also, for the last one, from Ralph (I’m on first name basis with him, you know), there’s quite a similar one at Ikea, Barometer or something. I know, Ikea is no Ralph (he knows, also), but…
    Anyway, with small children and no room for a playroom, ceramic is just a way to waste money. And, even with a playroom, these little creatures find a way to melt the rules and spill their chaos all over the place. I’ve given up on any hope of preciousness (what’s that??) in my home until the last one turns 18.

  3. I still love yours. Although some of the others are definitely cool (specifically the Glass Jug Lamp), it doesn’t seem to fit your purpose, since you are looking for something non-breakable. I think you chose a great lamp!

    1. Hi Barb! I don’t really have an issue with the colors, more the shape than anything. Sadly, that’s not something I can change or I would be all over it. Boo.

      Hey Katrina, It is nice that a shade is included, but I don’t want yet another broken lamp on my hands, er floor. I really don’t want a broken lamp literally on my hands.

      Hi Diana, Yes! I saw the Barometer one at Ikea. While similar, Ralph still is better, isn’t he?!? 😉 I just think a lamp like that in a living room isn’t the best option for us. In a bedroom I think they would be perfect. 🙂

      Hi Jennifer! Isn’t it sad that none of the other lamps fit my criteria? Darn the world for having few good-looking, non-breakable lamps.


  4. I really like the gourd lamp from JCP too, but I hear ya on the breakable factor. I’ve been so lucky – we have glass lamps in our living room (very pricey but bought before we had kids and I loved them!) and they are still going strong (well, the shades need to be changed). Now I’ve probably jinxed myself – LOL!

    Good luck with the lamp decision!

  5. I like the shape and color from JCP, but I still like the ones you bought from Target (I actually have the same lamps but in black). What if you kept the one from Target by the couch but got something different between the 2 chairs. I think the scale of the lamp on that table might be throwing things off. Or instead of a table lamp there, maybe try a floor lamp somewhere in the room.

  6. Honestly? I love the ones you already bought. The color is beautiful, they’re durable and while the birdie one is adorable, I’m thinking those poky branches could put a youngster’s eye out if they roughhouse when Mom’s not looking. 😉

  7. I think I like your lamp the best! The colour is perfect and the shape gives your living room more character. But in the end it’s about what you like, since you are the one that has to see them everyday! Hopefully you find something that will be ‘perfect’ for you 🙂

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