This Little House Went to Market

Went to market implies we’ve sold our house.  Technically, this little house is on the market.

That’s right, we’re selling our humble abode.  Today is the first day it’s up as a for sale by owner.  I literally put the sign out and finished listing info an hour ago.  We’ll write another post with more house selling details once we cross that bridge.  Sadly, we won’t have any house hunting to share, but I’ll explain that in a minute.

I’m sure some of you are thinking we’re crazy, but let me explain.  Now that we’ve wrapped up the kitchen remodel, our house is nearly done.  Sure we’ve got little projects we could tackle, like the steam shower Ben dreamed about, the concrete patio we planned to do last year, and minor exterior projects.  But we’re already close to the top of what our neighborhood can handle.  But we didn’t start thinking about any of this too seriously until recently.

This whole situation is very serendipitous.  About a month ago, Ben showed Handy Sammy a piece of land he lusted after several years ago and had already mentally constructed his dream house on.  Three years ago, we weren’t in a financial position to buy that chunk of land.  While driving home, Ben and Handy Sammy saw a run down house for sale on the same street.  Ben gave me the address and I looked it up online.  The price was out of our budget and the pictures weren’t very good, but we were intrigued.  For a week, we talked about this house; what the layout might be, level of finishes, and if it had views.

If you follow us on Facebook, you might remember this post about online houses.

Well, that post was in reference to this house.

Ben decided he needed to see it with his own eyes.  He called the listing agent who said we couldn’t see the house until it had been cleaned.  So we waited.  And got impatient.  Ben talked the agent into letting us see the house.  It was full of potential, but maybe too much potential.  It needed a lot of work like a new roof, siding, windows and doors, the pool room had to be completely updated, plus all of the interior stuff we’ve done to our house.  At the list price, we couldn’t afford to make the changes we like.

True to form, Ben started calling local companies to get quotes for shingles, siding, windows, and the pool.  It turns out, it wasn’t as expensive as Ben originally thought.  Armed with new information, on February 21, we made a low offer on the house.  The next day, we received a counter offer.  We thought it was too high and pulled out of the running.

Then we had a real estate agent over to perform a CMA on our house.  She thought our house could sell very close to the counter offer we received.  Which switched us into over drive on our potential new house.  We accepted their counter offer, signing papers on Friday.  Assuming all goes according to plan, we’ll close on the new house sometime in April.   So excited to share pictures once it’s officially ours.

Over the weekend, Ben and I have diligently worked to make our to do list shorter.  We also did a few projects to get the house ready to sell.  More details on that later this week.

Most likely, there will be some overlap of ownership of the two houses, so wish us luck to get this one sold quickly!

This whole process has gone quickly, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t consider the pros and cons.  Yes, we just finished this house.  Yes, we have plenty of space here.  But we’re reaching the limit on this house.  And, the new house has everything this one does and more.  The neighborhood can also accommodate the upgrades we’re planning.  Bottom line, it was a house and a deal too good for us to pass up.  We still love this house and it will always be our first love.  It will be a sad goodbye, but we’re excited at the prospect of a new project home.  As Ben likes to say, we’re leaving this home on the top floor and entering the new home in the basement level.

That’s what we’ve been up to this weekend.  What did you do?

39 thoughts on “This Little House Went to Market

  1. Aaah!!! No way! I’m so excited for you! And for us, obviously, because you’ll be tackling more projects soon. 😉

    Spill some deets. Three bedrooms… what else? Are you thinking about doing board and batten throughout again? What’s the style of the house? Spill, spill, spill!

    1. Hey Stephanie! Yeah! It’s kind of crazy, huh?!? But totally exciting for everyone. 🙂 I explain the house being similar to our house, but on steroids. Similar layout, but almost every room is bigger. A lot of things are totally stuck in the 70’s. No board and batten like this house. We want to do things a little differently, but of course we still want it to feel like us. I don’t want to share too much just yet. All in good time. (No, not trying to be a tease, it’s just not ours to share yet!)

      Hi Cassie, We’re excited to share it all!!


  2. WOW! That’s so exciting! Congrats, and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the new one. Also, good luck selling your (current) house!

  3. Oh my goodness, what exciting news! Best of luck with selling your place – but with all the great stuff you’ve done to it, I’m sure it will be a breeze. Can’t wait for more adventures on the new place.

    1. Hi Annabelvita, That still is exciting. Moving is a challenge. Enjoy your new place. 🙂

      Hey Ainhoa, Thanks! We’ll need all the luck we can get. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and quickly! We can’t wait to share more info about the new place. 🙂

      Hi My Honest Answer! Definitely exciting! And thanks! We’re hoping the upgrades will give it a better chance. We’ll keep you posted. 🙂


  4. Holy crap!!! I can’t wait to follow this adventure! And you still made time to give me advice on paint colors?! You are amazing!!!

    1. Hi Esther, Thanks so much!

      Hey Sara! We can’t wait to start. Though putting our house on the market is a start, but it’s the part we’re most nervous about. Haha. And I can always make time to give paint color advice. 🙂

      Hi Cindi, Thanks! It should be fun!


  5. Just when I think I can steal my cousin away from you for a bathroom reno you go buy yourselves another project 😉 Mom told me about it and I’m so excited for you guys…can’t wait for more details and pics!

    1. Hey Brie! I know, but we’re gluttons for punishment. And we’re so excited to share more info and pictures when we can!

  6. So happy for you guys. This sounds so exciting. Looking forward to seeing your new home and the wonderful rehab.

  7. Wow, thats a surprise! I was following along with your kitchen reno while we were doing ours and I cant imagine selling right after. Cant wait to see pictures! Congrats

  8. How exciting! I am sure it will sell in NO TIME. Who wouldn’t love it? We’ll be closing on our very first house on April 27th. I’m beyond excited and exploding with ideas. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you guys 🙂

  9. I just hope everything turns alright! Fingers crossed for the sale of the current house, and just… I love your current kitchen. I bet you do even more. But I understand the reasons, and it’s true that you need more square footage, I know from experience that this need grows with the children. Hope the living room is sensibly bigger. All my good hopes for you!

  10. Congratulations you guys! It’s awesome you came about this opportunity. Love the idea of finding a place in need of love (and much remodeling!). Right now we could not move forward on such an opportunity (though I did find a great place with an acre that we would like), but I’m so hopeful that in the not so distant future, we will be able to get a fixer upper.

    ~ L.

  11. This is terrific-ly awesome news! Congrats! =) You’ll make the next home just as lovely, if not even better (probably better!) than your current abode. Opportunity always finds itself when you’re least expecting it! Way to listen to your gut! =)

  12. We just did that same thing 2 years ago. It sounds identical to my life! And with 2 little kids, just like you. It was a nightmare going through it (the owner of the ‘new’ house was knee deep in debt) but here we are almost 2 years later in the ‘new’ house and the only project left is the basement, which we are currently working on. And we’re so glad we made the move!

    Funny too because we had JUST finished our last project in our old house, and had plans to replace our patio that summer when the ‘new’ house opportunity opened up and we had to jump on it.

    The good news is that our old house sold within a week of its listing. May you be blessed with a quick sell as well!

    We often drive past our old house and feel a bit sad and sentimental because it was our first house and we had majorly changed almost every room in it, but the way we are living now (now that we have a new kitchen and hardwood floors and 2 remodeled bathrooms) makes it all worth it. Plus we have a wonderfully sized lot, a safe cul-de-sac for riding bikesand great neighbors in the school district we want.

    I wish you all the luck!

  13. Awww congrats friend!!!! I’m so excited for you guys! It will be sad leaving the current house – but you can make TONS of new memories in the new one – and not over-upgrade for the neighborhood! Smart move 🙂


  14. This is BIG news! And Very exciting best wishes on selling your house quick, which i’m sure you will. Can’t wait to see the next house

    1. Hi Monique! Super exciting. And when we can share more info, you’ll understand even more why we made this decision.

      Hey Lindsay, You know, the kitchen was one of our considerations when thinking about buying and selling. We love the kitchen (especially because it’s the most recent room we’ve finished), but we’ll have plenty of opportunities to make an awesome kitchen in the new house. 🙂

      Hi Ali! That’s so exciting for you, too! It’s amazing how many ideas pop in your head, isn’t it?!?

      Hi Diana, We’re hoping everything is alright, too. We deliberated about buying and selling and ultimately, the new option was too good to pass up. The neighborhood is awesome, the house is fantastic, we’ll have tons of projects to blog about and can make this one even better than our current house. 🙂 We’re definitely sad to leave this house, so many great memories. Hopefully the right buyer will make us feel better.

      Hey Liliana, This definitely needs a lot of love, but the current owner has made a few large improvements that we’re thankful for. Can’t wait to share more. 🙂

      Hi Andrea! Yep, hopefully better. 🙂 It’s going to take a while, but we’ll get there. And it was something we couldn’t pass up.

      Hey Catie! Crazy how similar the situations are. 🙂 And I’m glad to hear your old house sold quickly! That’s our biggest concern. It will be bittersweet leaving, but we’ll have a chance to make many new memories and updates in the new house that it will all be okay.

      Hi Tami! Aww, thanks! You’re exactly right. And this neighborhood has a pretty limitless possibilities. Very nice homes in the ‘hood, this one is run down. Nothing like buying the cheapest house in the best neighborhood. 🙂

      Hey Katrina, Thanks so much! We can’t wait to share all of the details.


  15. WOW! That is crazy! I’m excited to see all of the new things you do to your new house! My husband (the accountant) and I would be WAY too scared to do anything like this, but now I can live vicariously through your spontaneity!

  16. Hi, Amamda. Congrats! Moving is exciting, but I have got to admit that my first reaction was – Wow, what a shame- because you have really transformed the house you are in into something beautiful- but like you said, its a new challenge! I am looking forward to the blog posts. I have done a few For Sale By Owner deals myself. Zillow is a really good place to list, if you haven’t already.

  17. Wow! What a surprise after all that hard work on your kitchen! Can’t wait to hear more details. Lots of luck selling your current abode 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley! Glad we can help. 🙂 It is a little scary, but in the end, we think it will be worth it.

      Hey Kim! Thanks! Keep those fingers crossed, please!

      Hi Annie, Yes, it is a shame we’ll have to leave. Once the new house is officially ours and we can share photos, I think it will make more sense. And, I’m working on a Zillow listing right now. 🙂

      Hi Julia! Totally, right?!? We’ll share more info as we go.

      Hey Melissa, Thanks! We’ll keep you posted. 🙂

      Hi Lori! Yeah, we definitely didn’t think we’d leave so soon after the kitchen, but opportunity knocks. And we flung that door open and hugged opportunity. Haha.


  18. Best of luck to you! Your blog is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see all the projects in the new place. I was just telling my mom how you built your kitchen this afternoon and then saw this post!

  19. Congratulations! How excited you all must be! I would be bummed about leaving your new & beautiful kitchen but then again, I’m sure you’ll transform the new house’s kitchen just as beautifully!

  20. Holy crap! So exciting! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it. We recently noticed a crazy-good deal on a house in our neighborhood that needs some love too and I can’t get it out my head. Maybe I *should* call the realtor..

    1. Hi Katy, We didn’t either until a few weeks ago. Haha. But we’ll have tons of projects to do and blog about. 🙂

      Hi Mary! Thanks! Yeah, it’s kind of sad, but we think it will be worth it.

      Hey Kristen! Thanks! We’re definitely bummed, but there’s so much potential in the new house so it will all work out.

      Hi Caitlin, Thanks! We’ll need it!!

      Hey Kim! Thanks and thanks!

      Hi Elisa! Totally exciting. We can’t wait to share everything. You never know, you might love the place… It’s always worth a look inside. 🙂


  21. Holy bananas batman! I disappear off of the face of the planet for a week {I have been hiding under my covers with the worst viral infection ever}, and come back out to SEE THIS! Congratulations, such an EXCITING time for you all! I know you, so I know the new house is/will be incredible. Sad you are leaving such a lovely home and one of my favorite kitchen renos ever, but I know you will be smiling in the new digs. Maybe we will get to see it in person this summer 😉


    1. Hey Jen,

      I’m sorry you’re sick! I hope you feel better soon! We’re making some big changes, but it will be exciting! We can’t wait to share more information and pictures. We’ll be sad to leave this house, but we think the new house will be even better. Maybe you will get to see it. Keep me posted!!

      Miss you!

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