{Silver} Dropping In

Since we finished the sheet rock work in the kitchen, we’ve needed to paint the living room.  I procrastinated because I don’t like painting and once I started on the living room, I’d need to carry the color down the hall.  On Thursday, I picked out a paint color, Silver Drop by Behr (color matched to Glidden) and got started.  Nothing like selling a house to get your butt in gear, right?

I started by taking the pictures down and repainting the trim, just to cover any areas where the original tan color may have seeped under.

I filled about 50 nail holes at the same time.

Using Frog Tape, I taped off all the trim.  There goes a whole roll.

The boys decided to make a fort out of the rearranged furniture.

Then I started rolling.  And rolled, and rolled, and rolled.  And that’s when I remembered why I usually make Ben roll.

After doing paint related work all day, I finally finished just as Ben was getting home.  When I asked him to start peeling tape he didn’t understand.  I told him I had just finished the second coat.  He was amazed I had done it alone.

It’s lighter than I would usually go with, but I thought it might be better for resale.

The hall feels so much brighter.

I’m not going to bother hanging pictures before we move.  It’s not worth the effort.  So I’ll stare at blank walls for the next month or so.  It already feels strangely sterile.

You’ve seen our most recent painting adventure.  What is your favorite gray color?  Do you prefer light or dark colors?

24 thoughts on “{Silver} Dropping In

  1. Beautiful!! But you may want to hang a few pics while your house is on the market….it looks a little empty right now…..but still very pretty.

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Thanks! I thought about hanging a thing or two, but most of the art we have is super personal and that might be strange. And I don’t want to fill more nail holes. Ha.


  2. It’s very luminous, and goes very well with the living room curtains (at least in pictures). Frngerscrossedfingerscrossedfingerscrossedfinge….

  3. That looks great! I love all things gray and while it is very light, I think it looks great with your built-ins and new kitchen. Are you going to be painting the doors too? A coat of white might brighten the room even more – and maybe add a few pieces of moulding to make the doors look more dimensional? With you/your husband’s wood-working skills, I’d think that would be a breeze and probably a fast and cheap change?

  4. I absolutely LOVE the grey you have used. I love Swedish interiors and it reminds me of them. As for hanging pictures, you can get some really light frames around (especially at Ikea if you live by one) and then hang them with 3M command hooks (or velcro – they have a whole range). They work really, really well. We have been expats for the last 5 years so have rented that whole time and I use them A LOT. I sometimes just frame up some pretty scrapbook papers or gift wrap (or greeting cards come to think of it) and that could cheer it up for you in the meantime.

  5. it looks beautiful and I am sure it’ll help the resale. People do like light and airy and your house is just that. Can’t wait to see the next one.

    1. Hi Diana! I do like it with the curtains, but it’s a little light, especially without pictures.

      Hey Lizzy, Thanks! I’ve wanted to paint the doors forever now, but with the boys it’s just not easy to do. And we’d have them in the basement bedroom which won’t show well if buyers want to look at the house. Maybe if we have a chance after closing and living in the new house I’ll do it… We’ll see how everything works and keep ya posted!

      Hi Katrina! Gray is such a great color. Can’t wait to fiddle with new colors in the new house.

      Hey Catherine! Thanks! I might have to use the velcro strips. We’ll have to see what the response is with it as it is.

      Hi Sarah-Nadine, Thanks! We’re excited to share the new one, too!


  6. I recently (a couple of months ago) painted our bedroom Dolphin Fin by Behr, which I think might be a close relative of Silver Drop. It took me a week or so to really love it, but I do now! It’s so much lighter and brighter than the darker tan we had going on before! I think the gray looks great with the color of your kitchen!

  7. I’m actually a fan of the color you chose, even if it’s on the light side. It works with everything you have in the room (and I bet any future home buyer will be impressed!).

    If you get bummed looking at blank walls, you should try using those command strips for pictures. Joe and I used them for our gallery wall (which you can see here). They were so easy to use and there won’t be any patching required!

  8. I second all the comments about the doors. Such beautiful white woodwork kind of gets ignored when you see the doors. Would look very seamless and clean to have white doors. Maybe just paint the front and back with them hanging to make it a bit easier? Just thinking of the buyer- they might want it all white.

  9. Hello Amanda! I love the way it turned out, crisp and open. Great match with the kitchen and dining room.

    I agree with you about not hanging the pictures up again, potential buyers want to imagine their own things there. When I sold my last home, I actually took a lot of things out so it looked more ‘blank’ and people could think about their own style, things, etc. I sold the house during my first weekend open house for only $2,000 less than the asking price, because I – like you- was already under contract for another house. Maybe if you feel you really need to put some things back up, you can put them on your built in media center in that room so you can still look at them but the room will still be a ‘blank canvas’ for potential buyers.

    I would highly recommend an open house if you are in a hurry. I put out some cookies, fresh flowers for all the rooms (you can split up grocery store bouquets into little vases or glasses, I used tulips) and have a listing sheet with all the pertinent facts handy by the tray of cookies. Worked like a charm 🙂

  10. Amanda,
    The gray looks wonderful, and it seems to flow so much better with the rest of the color scheme of your home.
    I’m so happy for you that you’ve found a new home, but sad to see this one go. You and Ben have truly poured your heart and soul into this house. But, now with all the experience you’ve gained from this one, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the new one!
    I would also recommend the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. I have them here at work for cheap. Let me know if you want me to send some out to you!
    Love you!

    1. Hi Amy, Yep, Dolphin Fin is right below Silver Drop on the swatch card! Glad you like it!

      Hey Kristen, I’m still getting used to it, but I think it makes the room feel brighter and bigger, which is a good thing. I’m going to wait on hanging and just see what the reaction is.

      Hi Jackie! I definitely didn’t after all of that painting. My feet KILLED. Note to self, wear shoes the entire time for arch support.

      Hey Melissa, I totally agree. If we weren’t selling, I had plans to paint the doors…at some point. The problem is two little boys in the house. Maybe if there’s time and we still own this house after moving I’ll get around to it. The nice thing is it’s a cheap change.

      Hi Annie! Thanks! If we had a place to put everything, I’d totally start packing unnecessary stuff right now. But I don’t want it sitting in the garage collecting dust. We’re planning to host an open house this weekend, and I think cookies and flowers sound like a lovely addition. Handy Sammy and I actually said we think open houses should have snacks there. Haha.

      Hi Ashley! Thanks! I’m just not that interested in hanging stuff just to take it down in a few months (or less maybe…)

      Hey Jenna! Thanks, lady! We’re sad to see this one go, too. But we’ll have every opportunity (and even more knowledge and skillz) to make the new house just as awesome. I really can’t wait to share pictures because I think that will totally explain our thinking. I’ll let you know if I need some of the strips. 🙂

      Hi Julia, Thanks! I love your family room color. It’s so warm and inviting. And I totally agree that gray is a great color. I don’t think the reality of selling has completely sunk in yet. Haha. Can’t wait to share deets about the new house!!


  11. That grey is beautiful in your house! As you well know, I’ve been struggling with grey, but just landed on the two perfect ones for my house (it’s always crazy to me how the same paint looks SO different based on what you have in your house, lighting, etc.) Fashion Grey and Perfect Taupe in Behr Ultra plus primer…as a bonus, because I’m preggo, I can paint without worry since it’s a no voc paint!

  12. I have a hallway with no natural light an your post makes me want to ‘get on it’ and lighten it up a bit! The gray looks great!

    Amanda did you already mention where you got your bar stools from in your kitchen? I love them.

    1. Hey Kathy! Ha, I just took those off yesterday. Ben said he likes these more than the old ones so I’ve decided they can stay. But I still am not completely in love. Maybe things will change in the new house…


  13. Your room looks nice! Furniture and accents look very clean and modern! If you were to paint the wood door behind the sofa white like the other door it would bring this room 100% together. Trust me I’ve learned from experience!

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