Tiny Table

While shopping at Ross with my family yesterday, we saw the cutest kiddo outdoor table sets.  So cute that we couldn’t resist buying one for V and E.  Initially, we thought about getting only a bench and table, but thought it was better to round out the set with two chairs.  Here it is.  The boys ate dinner at it last night, too.


It wasn’t super cheap at $120 for the four pieces.  When split three ways though, I’d say it was worth it.  It doesn’t look like typical kids furniture, and it can be passed down to my sisters when they have kids.  We can use it at this house and on the deck at the new house.  Win for everyone.

So that’s the latest goings on in our abode.  What’s new in yours, literally?  Any new purchases?  Do you have a patio set for your little ones?

6 thoughts on “Tiny Table

  1. Such a cute table! The boys will get a ton of use out of it for sure!

    We have a kiddie one that my parents bought about 5 or 6 years ago and it’s still going strong – even after babysitting 5 other kids plus my 2 girls. They absolutely love having their own sized table 🙂

  2. That table set is adorable!
    You’re going to get so much use out of it- kid-size tables are perfect not only in the yard, but for their birthday parties or extended family gatherings (giving them their own “home base”).

    We have a kid-sized picnic table that was mine as a child. LOVE that my parents saved it for when I had kids. I painted it white, and now my boys play at (well, really, more often ON) it!

  3. That is terribly cute! Definitely something that will be fun to pass down through the family! Makes me wish they had this kind of stuff for us when we were kids 😉

  4. Ohmygosh! I just got two of those super cute chairs at my Ross, too! I didn’t see the bench or the table, though. We have some adult wooden chairs on our front porch, so the kid ones are going to look so cute next to them!

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