Wop, Wop

Last week, I ordered an indoor/outdoor rug from Overstock.  This one, specifically.

I had high hopes it would look and feel nice and could work well in several rooms in the new house.  Well, it arrived yesterday and I’m probably going to send it back.  I’ve seen indoor/outdoor rugs that have a texture similar to jute or sisal rugs.  The gray areas of this rug are similar to sisal.  But the ivory design is almost a basket weave texture.

The rug is thin, which I expected, but the backing is coarse.  A rug pad could help, but I almost prefer getting my money back.  Ben hates this rug, too, so I don’t want to keep large pieces one or both of us dislikes.

It’s just frustrating because large good rugs are hard to find, especially in a modern pattern.  This smaller wool rug has a fun pattern, but it’s considerably smaller and more than $100 more.

I predict Ben and I will have a hard time agreeing on a pattern because he doesn’t like the pattern of that rug, either.

Have you recently purchased a rug you love?  If so, care to share a link?

35 thoughts on “Wop, Wop

  1. Ooh they’re pretty though! 🙂 sorry the one you got didn’t work out… I do have a favorite rug – but no link! I got it during the summer when I was in college, years ago – I saved up my summer job $ and bought a 3×5 from a guy who owned a violin repair shop that also sold handmade woven Turkish rugs! I adore it – it’s a geometric pattern mostly in orange, red and brown. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s still in business… I can’t find him online (and I thought I found his website once, a few years ago). Also – congrats on selling your house, how exciting!!!

  2. I’ve been REALLY lucky with overstock. Their rugs specifically but I’m not sure the ones I bought are quite what you are looking for.

    In our Living Room: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Handmade-Rodeo-Drive-Blox-Blue-Multi-New-Zealand-Wool-Rug-8-x-11/3994490/product.html
    ^^^this is more my style

    In our master but potential change to future little boy’s room: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Hand-woven-Country-Living-Reversible-Tan-Braided-Rug-8-Square/5756947/product.html

    ^^^Initially I was looking for a cottage feel for the master but now I feel like I’ve painted myself in the corner with it. Hence future boy’s room (though I don’t have one yet!)

    and then I purchased one for my sister’s living room which she loves (more her style than mine) http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Indoor-Beige-Geometric-Area-Rug-710-x-10/5804457/product.html

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I’ve had some really good luck buying area rugs from Haute Look. Occasionally they have a sale called I Love My Rugs (perhaps every month or two). They do have other rug sales but that is the name of the sale that I’ve always ordered from. I’ve bought 5 of them for our house at different times and have been very happy with all of them!
    The quality is great for the prices we paid and they’re so much more unique than anything I’ve ever seen in my local stores.

    1. Hey Cabangleason! Thanks so much for all the links!

      Hi Kristen, I’ll have to check that out. And, I’m glad you’re happy with all the rugs. That’s what I need to hear.

      Hey Beth! I have painted a rug before, but I want to find something a little softer. But I love the rug you painted. 🙂


  4. Hi!
    So I was just passing through from young house love, and normally i don’t stop to chat….but I saw your March art and all but 3 things were on my etsy favorites list so I thought this is too coincidental and I should stay awhile and chat.

    I don’t know if you know the blog “Twenty-Six to Life” but she recently bought an indoor/outdoor rug for her dining room and really seemed to like it:


    Hope this helps with your rug adventure!

    1. Hi Beth! I’ll keep my eye on Rugs USA! Thanks for the tip!

      Hey Ainhoa! Sadly we don’t have an Ikea nearby and I’ve never heard of Zara Home! But, I love the rug you stenciled! It looks so nice and professional. 🙂 Great work!

      Hi Beepracticallywedded, Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂 Too funny that you have three of the same favorites. We must have similar taste. 🙂 Her rug looks much softer than the one I got. I don’t know if I’ll wait to return it once we close on our new house, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it. so sad, because I love the pattern. 😦


  5. How is Overstocks return policy with rugs? Do you have to pay a ton to ship it back? These questions have always kept me from buying large items from there. I’m such a scaredy cat.

  6. I so hear you on that one. We were traumatized by the prices of rugs when we were shopping a few weeks ago. We ended up getting an 8×10 rug from JC Penney for $225, which I love, but it’s not for everyone – very colorful stripes. However, we saw lots that we liked on Joss & Main. Are you a member of that? It’s quite easy to sign up, and then they send you an email everyday. We didn’t end up buying one from there because they can’t be returned and that made me nervous, but they do have really great deals if you’re patient and then willing to act quickly. I think rugs become available every other day or so.

  7. Have you checked the rug “outlet” section of Home Decorators lately? They have some cute (and not-so-cute) 100% wool larger-sized rugs on sale right now for less than $200 including shipping. I just got a beautiful coral one with a sort of modern, sort of traditional ring pattern on it that I love, love, love!
    P.S.–followed the link from young house love–great job on the kitchen redo!

  8. I actually just replaced our living room rug. I was looking for a large modern pattern too, but didn’t want to spend $200+. I also considered indoor/outdoor rugs on Overstock in the hopes they’d hold up to the dogs well. After months of indecision I finally found a jute rug on sale at Target – 5×7 for $55 on clearance. It’s not the awesome pattern I wanted, but it’s holding up great and worth every penny http://milk-shed.com/2012/03/18/out-with-the-old-rug-in-with-the-new-rug/

  9. I feel your pain. I’ve been searching for an enexpensive, yet stylish 8×10 or 9×12 rug and it’s a major challenge, especially since I’m cheap sometimes:)! I really don’t want to spend $1000 on two rugs that might get wrecked by my littles. I look for your future posts in the hopes that you find a good deal…that I can use too:)! (found you at YHL. your kitchen is unbelievalbe!) I’m your newest follower:). I just posted our kitchen transformation. Hope you’ll stop by to check it out.

  10. Haven’t purchased one that I love either. Ordered an indoor/outdoor huge rug late last summer from Home Decorators catalog. The thing has NEVER layed flat, is so light weight that when the wind blows hard, it flips all the corners up or under… Even when it rained and was wet, it wouldn’t dry flat. I wish I had sent it back in the beginning, but too late now. It’s harder to find rugs in 10×13 sizes or larger, that don’t break the budget. I guess you get what you pay for.. Even the lesser expensive ones in those sizes, like the one I have,,still aren’t ‘cheap’!!! I’ve been disappointed since I received it. Actually cost too much to ship back, so decided to keep… but I dislike it immensely!!

  11. That’s disappointing, wish I could’ve seen it in person. Do you think it would be anything I’d use out of doors?

  12. Amanda, I’ve been scouring overstock for the past year looking for the perfect rug. Much like you, the bf disagrees with every pattern I like. I always wonder how some of the indoor/outdoor rugs feel in person. I shy away from even considering them because I don’t want to be disappointed. I’ve got my eye on a striped rug that they have, I think it’s called hodden green? Seems to be a compromise for both of us…just waiting to pull the trigger.

    P.S. congrats on the YHL shout out!

    1. Oooh! SO many great rug links!!! Thanks so much everyone. Off to check them all out. 🙂

      Ash, the rug would be fine outside, I think. Obviously I wanted to use it inside, so that’s not exactly perfect.

      Everyone, I’ll definitely post good rug deals, if I can find any. 🙂


    2. Hi Jessica! The rug you linked to is pretty, but I think it’s too light for a house with two messy little boys. 😦 Love it though!

      Hey Brooke! What a great pattern! And, I’m surprised they’re super soft. Thanks for the info! Off to do some more searching there. 🙂

      Hi Allisen, You can return most things to Overstock, have to have packaging and tags. I started the return process to see what return shipping will cost and it’s about $15, which isn’t bad considering it’s a very large rug. So, it’s not terrible, but it’s money you’ll never get back. There are some things I wouldn’t hesitate, but I had a moment of insanity ordering a rug online, especially because it didn’t have reviews… That’s key. Hope that helps!

      Hi Caroline! Love UO rugs, but Ben will NEVER go for a thin cotton rug in our house. I bought a small one from Target for our laundry room, but he won’t keep it because it slides and curls. Such a bizz kill. 😉

      Hi Jen W, I haven’t! I’ll have to go there and poke around for a while to see what I can find. 🙂 And thanks for your kind words about our kitchen!!

      Hey Smjackso! Definitely a great deal! Even though it doesn’t have a pattern, it’s better than nothing. 🙂 Love the round rug you moved, too.

      Hi Kim! Isn’t it more challenging that it should be?!? I’m waaaaay too cheap, so I think anything over $300 is expensive. Haha. I’ll definitely let you know if/when I find something. 🙂 And, thanks for your compliments about the kitchen! So glad you like it. 🙂

      Hey Leslee, Aww man, that’s a major bummer! Maybe I’ll learn how to make rugs and I’ll sell them. 😉 Actually, if I could learn to make anything, I’d start making rugs.

      Hi Ash! Ya want it?!? Otherwise I’m returning it…

      Hey Lauren! Rugs USA it is. I’ll have to stalk the site to see what I can find. Love the rug you found!

      Hi Sarah, Isn’t that annoying?!? Ben doesn’t like much that has a modern feel to it. I want something bold and graphic, and stripes are great. I’ll have to search Overstock for the one you’re referring to. 🙂 Thanks, too!

      Thanks so much, everyone!!

  13. Aww, I was eyeballing those rugs. Seeing your close up shots makes me change my mind about it. I’m sad you haven’t found the right rug yet, but I hope all of those other links from other readers leads you in the right direction. Look forward to watching this rug hunting journey unfold!

  14. Thanks for posting this – I’ve been pinning a few of those indoor/outdoor rugs off Overstock. They have some great looking ones and I was hoping to use it indoors. Guess I may have to rethink that…

    1. Hey Tiffany, Yeah, it’s a sad sight, isn’t it? Not what I was hoping for. 😦 Hopefully I’ll find something, but it seems Home Decorators and Rugs USA are places to look.

      Hi Stpeteeats! I think indoor/outdoor rugs are hit or miss, ya know? I’d only consider ones with positive reviews.


  15. Sorry you didn’t like the rug. Agree, that weave is kind of ugly. Don’t kick yourself for buying a rug online. At least you didn’t do as I and purchase two pieces of furniture from Overstock. Big mistake. Poor quality, drawers are askew and stick all the time. It seems the old adage prevails: “You get what you pay for.”

    Good luck on your rug search though. Hope you find something you like soon.

  16. Do you have a home goods near you? I was at one the other day and they have an amazingly decent collection of rugs. I saw some really nice quality wool 9’*12’s when I was there last time, and I always prefer to handle and look at the quality and color of a rug before I purchase. Good luck on your hunt!

  17. How about getting a piece of wall to wall carpet bound? We put wall to wall carpet in our bedroom and then bound some of the same carpet for our living room. You can get the exact size that you need and I found that even with the cost of the binding it was the cheapest way to go. Also you know what quality of carpet you are getting.

  18. I am getting ready to put a comfy bound remnant in my LR 1.5′ off all the walls. My living room is long and narrow. About 23 x 13 so custom was the way to go for me.

    Love the look update to the blog!!

    1. Hi Moniqiue! Aww man, that’s the worst. Totally get what you pay for. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on the rug situation!

      Hey Stef, Awesome! Love it. 🙂

      Hi Anne! Sadly, the closest Home Goods is in Minnesota. 😦 I usually have to touch, feel, and see something in person before I buy it. I was just hoping the rug would be good for the size and price. I was wrong.

      Hi Wendy, That is an option, but I’d prefer something with color and pattern to it. If I can’t find anything I like, a bound remnant might be the best option. We’ll have to see what happens.

      Hey Rebecca, Oh yeah, that would be so tricky to find anywhere else. So glad it worked well for you!


  19. Hello!
    Ok…these are incredible…you’ll need to spend a little more but so worth it! Check out Dash & Albert –


    They are so soft under foot you won’t believe they could be used outside! They are not the jute look if that’s what you wanted but they are also very easy to clean. My friend using the blue diamond pattern in her living room in Brooklyn…it’s beautiful…I can email you a photo of it in place if you like. Lots of graphic stripes!

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