Whoop, Whoop

After last week’s rug failure, I redeemed myself at a local thrift store.  My sister, V, and I stopped in to see if there was anything we should know about.  We browsed the lamps, dinnerware, and toys without success.  Fate brought us past a few rugs, so I scanned the rack and saw a small rolled up rug, backside facing out.  The West Elm tag caught my eye, so I laid it on the floor and saw this:

A 3 foot by 5 foot 95% wool (the lighter raised areas are rayon) Ayo rug for only 25 bucks.

I sent a picture to Ben asking what he thought of it.  No response.  After talking it over with my sister, we agreed it could work as either a large bath mat or an entry rug.  Then I noticed a few small pieces coming out of the raised areas.  At checkout, I pointed this out.  Because of the defect, the clerk took $10 off so I paid $15.  Putting this in the rug win column.  Excited to find a place for it in the new house.

2 thoughts on “Whoop, Whoop

  1. Hey, nice find! Make sure to check it over carefully and maybe stick it (wrapped) in a chest freezer for a couple of days. I had bad luck awhile back with some moths hitchhiking in on a thrift store wool blanket.

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