Planning it Out

I tried my best to explain the new house layout with descriptions and pictures, but a floor plan is worth 1000 words.  Even if that floor plan is my hand drawn, not to scale mess.  The upper level is almost self-sufficient, only the laundry room is in the basement to keep a household functioning.

The entry is a split level and all living spaces branch off from there.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are to the right, over the garage below.  And here’s the (wonky, not especially accurate) drawing of the basement.  Garages take up about half of the lower level.  Ben wants to knock down the walls between the storage rooms (at the top) and the garage to gain enough space to store two cars and his boat.

I didn’t know what to call the large, red-carpeted space in the basement, so it’s now the bonus room.  And here’s the pool room configuration, roughly.

So many doors in there!  Three out to the deck, one off the wet bar leading to the back patio, and another from the house, right next to my office.  The half bath backs up to the kitchen, accessible from the pool room.

Again, nothing is to scale, so things look off.  The boys bedroom isn’t that long and skinny, the kitchen isn’t that big, but it should help figure out which room is where.  When I find the time, I’d like to do a video tour, if you’d be interested…

8 thoughts on “Planning it Out

  1. Thanks for the floor plan Amanda! I’m a very visual person and this really helps me picture your new house. Although, your pictures and descriptions really did a great job too. I’d love to see a video tour when you’re able to do one though! I love the layout and space you have 🙂

  2. I am so excited for the Bowe Family! You will have so much fun, laughter, sore muscles, and, of course, dusting. Blessings to the Family!

  3. Congrats. Have you ever lived in a split entry house? I do. You can’t go anywhere in the house without going up/down those 2 flights of steps. Ugh If I was young it probably be no big deal but at 65 it’s hard sometimes. Sure wish I had a pool. Can’t wait to see the finish.

    1. Hi Sandy, My parents live in a split level, so that’s what I grew up in. I don’t think it’s a big deal for us. We’ll adjust and life will go on. 🙂


  4. I was going to do a chant for a video and then noticed someone already did! Ha! As if you don’t have a zillion other things on your to-do list – so make a video for us! 🙂
    No matter how many pics I see, I always get a different appreciation for a space when I see it on video. (Plus I’m in dire need for entertainment while I’m stuck at work!)

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