You’re Tearing Up My Heart?

Actually, he’s tearing up my pool.  And bathroom.  Of course the ‘he’ I’m referring to is Ben.  The day after closing on the new house, Ben decided to tear out the pool liner to see what we’ll have to fix.

Naturally, V was the site supervisor.  That boy sure does love construction.  It makes sense I guess, look at what we spend so much of our time doing.

When we first looked at the house, the pool was half filled with stagnant green water.  There’s still a little left in this picture.  Fortunately you can’t see the huge centipedes or the dead mouse.  How about we look at a room without dead critters?  Here’s the main bathroom, before Ben got in there.

Yes, it’s updated, but not to our lifestyle or taste.  This is the bathroom the boys and guests will use.  Because of that, we need a tub and a shower.  We want to lighten it up, too, both with natural light in the form of a Sky Tube and lightning the walls.  Dark bead board + minimal light = dungeon.

While the vanity might look pretty, it certainly doesn’t have much function for the size.  Don’t even get me started on the lights.

While we have another house to live in with bath tubs, we decided to get started on this monster right away.  Ben pulled the fixtures first.  We plan to Craigslist the vanity and hope to reuse the claw foot tub in the master bathroom.  Has anyone painted the exterior of a claw foot tub?  I’d love to hear your experiences.

Back to the subject, the main bathroom.  After taking out the large pieces, Ben tore off the bead board, which was held in place not only by nails, but glue too.  Looks like this house will have a trim treatment after all!  Floors, gone.  Tub, sitting in the pool room.

With the vanity and mirror down, we discovered the lighting situation.  Plugged in sconces, anyone?

Yesterday morning, the boys and I looked around for tile, both for the floor and the shower surround.  I think we’ve made a decision.  Here it is:

That’s the large sample to show the design, but we’re thinking of going with a lighter color to brighten the room.

Maybe the middle color for the floors with dark grout and the top color for the shower with white grout.  I haven’t the slightest idea as to why the middle is called Aqua…  These tiles are a true body tile (the same color through) and come in a 12 inch by 24 inch.  Get this, they’re under $4 a square foot.  Sweet.

After considering different layouts, we’ve decided to keep the same plan.

We’ll build an open vanity, similar to the basement vanity at our first house, but we’ll have a small linen closet at the end for more storage.  I’d like to paint the vanity a fun color, hence the blue/green.

The rest of the room is so neutral, and with a leggy vanity, it’s not much color anyway.  And I love the color Jenny used on her entry console (Behr’s Billiards Table).  Worst case scenario, I repaint if we don’t like it, right?

What do you think of the new house plan?  Can you tell we want to do something a different from our first house?  This house should be a little more modern, dramatic, and bold.  A bright painted vanity fits the bill.  Oh, and I’m trying to talk Ben info killer lighting.  More info as we get there.

26 thoughts on “You’re Tearing Up My Heart?

  1. Lynnette Jennings painted the outside of a claw-footed tub in one of her shows. You might find it online.

  2. Sarah Richardson painted the outside of her claw foot tub on her show Sarah’s house (season three – checkout for pics)

  3. I love the vanity…that is perfect for a kids bathroom. I think I see a new project in my husbands future! 🙂

  4. I think the “silver” color choice for the floor tile might work well in one of our bathrooms….where did you find it? Can you add a skylight to the boys’s bath? We are using an old Craigslist claw foot tub in our master but will set the tub up on fir beams instead of claw feet.

  5. I think the idea of adding the sky tube is genius! I too hate dark bathrooms. Just so you know I have been totally living vicariously through you. My hubby and I bought our first house and have been doing really small, really inexpensive projects to update it from the 70s. Our poor baby girl is in a nursery with red shag carpet. I am so excited to see how things progress… Although the hubby might get tired of me saying “hey look what they are doing…. Couldn’t we do something….” Thanks for all the awesome inspiration. So jealous of your backyard. We live in western Montana and would love some property that we enable us to take advantage of the awesome state lands. Okay well sorry for the novel 😉

  6. I absolutely can not wait to see all the wonderful changes you’ll be making in your new home. With your design and DIY sense, I have no doubt how beautiful it’s going to all turn out! I’m so glad I found your blog a couple months ago. 🙂

  7. My husband used car paint to redo the outside and the inside of our clawfoot tub. We painted the outside black and the inside white. Its been about a year now and its holding up great!

    1. Hi Nora, Surprisingly, my plan doesn’t involve DIY lights, just a different approach. We’ll see what happens though. 🙂

      Hey Caedwin, I’ll Google around to see what I can find. Thanks!

      Hi Julia! We’re set to close May 10th right now, so we want to get at least a tub functional before moving out of the old house.

      Hi Amy Sue, Ahh ha! Glad to hear it’s holding up well! Thanks for the info.

      Hi Kathy C! We’re excited, too. I hope it lightens up the room. It’s so darn dark in there right now.

      Hey Leila, Thanks for the tip. Gotta check it out. Love Sarah. 🙂

      Hi Kim, We love the vanity in the basement and it’s so nice and open. With a linen closet, it’s the perfect pair.

      Hey C Carroll, Thanks!!

      Hi Anne! Ya know what? Room by room is a great way to tackle projects without getting overwhelmed. That’s what we do and it’s so much less stressful. Eventually your house will be beautiful and that’s all that matters.

      Hey Homesweetforclosure! Congrats! That’s so exciting! Enjoy the process and please keep me updated. 🙂

      Hi Julia, Aww, thanks! We’re switching gears on this house and leaning toward a more modern and bold space, so it’s kind of a leap from our safer traditional style of the last house. But we want to try something new and a new house is the perfect place for that.

      Hi Chance, We’ll have to see how things work with the master bath for the tub situation, but I’m really pushing for it to stay. Ben thinks it’s too much trouble to save. 😦

      Hey Emily, Well, we have a small window to get things in working order before closing on our old house. I think it’s easiest with the boys to have a tub there before we officially move there.

      Hey Nikki! I saw that and I think it’s a great idea. We’ll see how things go with the master bath. It’s still so early.

      Hi Happilyeverdiying, I agree about the color. It’s something different, but I think that pop of unexpected color is just what the room needs. Maybe a few fun accent pieces to tie everything together, too!

      Hey Ashley! You’re not a slacker! We’re working with a timeline on closing and need to get the ball rolling. I can’t wait until we have more progress to share. 🙂

      Hi Janet! Hmm, I never thought about car paint! Glad to hear it’s holding up well!

      Hey Younganddomestic, Thanks for commenting! I love hearing from our readers. Isn’t that color fantastic?!? Can’t wait to see how things pan out.

      Thanks everyone!

  8. Sights like this — new stuff being ripped out — make my heart break. That bathroom didn’t look old and certainly seemed functional, why not just paint the beadboard, didn’t you install beadboard in your old bathroom?

    Also never saw an in-ground pool with liner before. I thought they were tiled? Is there anything under the pool or just cement?

    1. Hi Kelly, The bathroom was functional in the general sense, but not functional for us. The vanity is too large and heavy for the room with little interior space, the tub only isn’t great for our guests. The floors, while new, are badly stained from lack of cleaning from the previous owner. We are listing the vanity and toilet on Craigslist for someone else to use. I hope to reuse the tub in the master bath where we have space for a stand alone tub. Also, we thought about painting the bead board, but the previous owner used silicone caulking on all the seams and paint can’t adhere to silicone. Boo.

      As for the pool, I had never seen one with a liner, either. It started as a half liner (the shallow end only had about 6 inches of liner. Somehow that got damaged, so it was swapped out to a full liner, which is now beyond use or repair. Now it’s a concrete hole with a few cracks we’ll have to fix. Ben’s researching the need for a liner versus an epoxy over the existing concrete.

      Hope that answers your questions!

  9. I am so, so excited to follow your progress in the new house! My jaw literally dropped when I was looking at photos of it – it has SO much potential! I can’t wait to see it all start to come together!

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