No Shortage of Yardage

Weather here in Montana was b.e.a.utiful this weekend.  On Saturday, we made had a bathroom shopping spree at Home Depot, spurred by a 10% off coupon and a great need for a tub.

That was Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we went up to the new house.  Ben wan’t in the mood to work on the bathroom, so he and Handy Sammy capitalized on the sunny day, working on cleaning up the yard.  Year(s) of neglect made the landscaping a hot mess.

Cleaning up loads of weeds and several dead plants.  And oodles of pine needles.

I know they hauled at least two pick up truck fulls of pine needles and such from the side yard, right here off the deck.

This little area was also a house plant graveyard.  Anything that died got tossed out here, sometimes in the planters, sometimes not.  A helpless duck planter (shown above) was an innocent victim of plant and planter tossing.

While we were over there, I asked Ben to cut down a scraggly tree and old stump.

He easily cut down the little Russian Olive tree.  The stump was rotten, so a several strong kicks and it fell apart.

After that, we called it a day and headed to the other house for dinner and a shower.  On Sunday, Ben started bathroom work while Handy Sammy got friendly with our weed whacker.  He asked what he could do, so we asked him to cut down the weed covered hillside.


Now we can see the yard.  And all the things we’ll have to do to get it looking nice.


We’re certainly no where near a nicely landscaped yard, but it’s one small step in the right direction.  Also, we met several of our new neighbors this weekend.  I think they were all very happy to see we’re cleaning it up, lessening the eye sore the previous owner left behind.

21 thoughts on “No Shortage of Yardage

  1. I love how “small” changes like cleaning up landscaping really make things look better. Our neighbors also love when we’re outside doing yard work because it helps the whole neighborhood. We unfortunately just discovered that our overgrown woods is home to a lot of poison ivy (and I found out the hard way) so be careful!

  2. It’s looking great! I’m really looking forward to seeing all the changes and upgrades that you do to this house over time. It’s great for us to follow since we’re dabbling with a move ourselves & often see ideal properties with big houses that need lots of TLC. Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring us to be creative! :O)

  3. I need a Handy Sammy! Cleaning out the front made such a huge difference! You must be pumped!

    We’ve been chipping away at our mess of a yard and are having some big trees taken down in the next week or so.

    It’s so overwhelming but I keep reminding myself that we’re saving so much by trying to do most of it ourselves! (well, we’re paying someone to take down the trees but we’re doing the rest of the dirty work!)

  4. Another thing…are those solar panels on the left side of the house or are those just windows?

    OK, so I had two other things…

    Do you know if you are going to change anything with the exterior of the house/siding?

    1. Thanks, everyone! It’s looking a little cleaner. 🙂

      Hi Lizzy! Yep, those are 70s solar panels. Actually, when those panels were installed, the roof was never put behind which has caused a leaky roof in the pool area. The panels were used to hear the pool water but they don’t work so we plan to tear those out an put on a new roof this summer. In a year (maybe longer) we’ll replace the old windows (the bay windows are to crooked to open), add a layer of insulation, and reside the whole house. That’s going to be a big project.


  5. I grew up in Billings and your landscape looks very “Rims”. I don’t know if I ever read where you live. I miss Montana sometimes. I have lived in Seattle for 30 years and still go back to visit friends (we’re all meeting at Flathead this summer). Looking forward to the changes in your new home. I’m showing my hubby pictures of your old house and all the details you added on the walls. Also loved your colors there. Good luck!

  6. Wow! What a difference a day makes. So anxious to follow along with all the changes that are coming!

  7. This is probably a really dumb questions, but as a life long Texas with extremely flat terrain do you worry about rock slides or a really, really heavy downpour?

    1. Hey Kathy! We’re so excited to tackle more projects and share everything as we go. Thanks for following along. 🙂

      Hi scotdog98, Obviously anything can happen, but the rocks behind us all look pretty stable. There’s one that has a tree growing through a crack so we’ll have to remove the tree before it causes problems, but we should be fine. It’s always a concern though.

      Hey Ashley, Oh yeah, so much yard work. We’re going to have to get creative with landscaping because of the slope and lack of water. Luckily that’s not a priority. 🙂


  8. Just wanted to say hi from a fellow Montanan! I am fascinated by your new project, and am looking forward to seeing everything you do! There is such great potential in that house, so fun! Oh, and my first sons name is Vincent too, he is 5. Being a structural engineer, I was wondering if you will be taking on any structural renovations? Like removing any walls or moving things around?

    1. Hi Janna! Well hello! I don’t get many Montana readers. Welcome! I’m glad you’re excited to follow along with us. You have a Vincent too? Awesome! Ours is 4. 🙂 We have plans to move some of the basement around to make it more functional for our needs and we’re thinking of tearing out part of the wall between the kitchen and dining room.


  9. I can;t wait to see all the new things that you are going to do. This house has tons of potential (=tons of projects)! One question though, did the previous owners only stain siding outside and miss the whole downstairs, or am I looking at this wrong?

    1. Hi Jenn WM! The blue siding is the original color. The lower unfinished siding was added a few years ago, but don’t ask me why. It’s strange and eventually we’ll change it. 🙂


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