Dragonfly is the New Peacock?

It’s starting.  The era of bold, saturated color.  I fell for Benjamin Moore’s Dragonfly as soon as I saw it.  In an effort to step out of my comfort zone and go with my instincts, I decided to buy a gallon of Dragonfly, color matched in Glidden paint.  Where is this going?  I decided to test the water, um, paint in the master closet.  Boring cream walls and shelving are a perfect starting point.

I started by painting the shelf supports with Wal Mart’s bright white exterior paint.  Why?  Three reasons.  1.  It’s bright white, no need for color matching.  2.  We already had it on hand from a few mailbox touch ups.  3.  I hope exterior holds up to wear and tear better.  Back to the fun paint.  After slapping a coat of white up, I started with Dragonfly.

And I’m even more in love with it on the walls.  It’s bold, but not too bright.  Saturated, but not overwhelmingly dark.  It’s blue, it’s green, and it’s lovely.  Now I have to find time between packing and cleaning to finish what I started.  I feel confident using this on the walls of the master bedroom, too.  Happy camper, right here.

What do you think?  Is Dragonfly the new peacock?  I think we should start a trend.  Ha.

13 thoughts on “Dragonfly is the New Peacock?

  1. First thought, since the closet is dark that it might be even darker with the paint but the bright white seems like it will offset it well! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Oh wow! I love it! I’ve been itching to paint something moody and the inside of a closet is such a good idea. Are you going more bold with your new place??

  3. I’ve been thinking about using it on the back of our bookcases in the hallway. I just haven’t gotten a swatch to make sure it will blend well enough with the large painting also in said hallway.

  4. I love the color but would prefer it in small doses with a lot of white accents. Might be that I’m too emotionally affected by color but a dark room depresses me terribly. High gloss might help!

  5. I take back what I said in your previous post when you were talking paint color and I mentioned my bad experience with dark and bold paint. This is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I love the color, Ben said, “it’s okay, for a closet.” Which means he doesn’t want to paint the bedroom this color; too dark for his liking. We’ll see where we end up I guess.

      Hi Anonymous, I didn’t know YHL had Dragonfly in their house. I’d love to see it in their application, could you send me a link?


  6. I sounds like you did know YHL used Dragonfly in their house because anonymous never mentioned that. They only said be original – which I thought was referring to your line about the “era of bold, saturated color” which YHL went on and on about when they bought their house.

    Btw, it was used in the back of their dining room built ins. But you probably know that already.

  7. Hey Kate! You assumed one thing, I assumed another. I knew YHL had a dark blue paint at the back of their bookshelves, but I didn’t know it was Dragonfly. I don’t think it’s fair to assume I remember every paint color someone else used in their house. I just liked the color and I’ve had the swatch in my purse since making the offer on the mountain house, knowing I wanted a dark color. Sorry you feel I’m not being original, but I am being myself.


  8. I really hate it when people are nasty. Why do people care if you use the same paint color as YHL. I bet they’d be flattered if anything. Don’t we all just get ideas from others and use them ourselves? Isn’t that why Pinterest is so popular. BTW I love your blog and can’t wait to see what you do with your new home..

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