April Acrynom

Alright, I’m a few days late with the monthly acronym, but I’ve been busy.  Here’s what we’ve done in April:

Abodes and abundant greenery:  We finally closed and moved into our new abode.  Spring has arrived in Montana, and I’m loving all the greenery.

Partnerships and plans:  Ben teamed up with my sister to build an awesome open staircase and bookshelf.  I drew a rough floor plan of the new house to help explain the layout.

Remodel and redemption:  Before we could live in the new house, I required a new, working bath tub.  So Ben gutted the bathroom, went on a bathroom shopping extravaganza, and installed a new jetted bath tub. Scored one heck of a deal on a West Elm rug at a local thrift store

Initiated project fix up and project bold:  Prepping our first house for closing, including random little fixes and a fence tutorial.  Project bold entails more saturated colors in the mountain house.  First color added: Dragonfly by Ben Moore.

Lawn work and the last trim tutorial:  Handy Sammy took a weed whacker to the front yard, making us (and the neighbors) happy.  We shared the last trim tutorial from our first house, the master bedroom.

What was the high light of April for you?  We’re happy we made it to (and through!) the closing table for the new house.  Now we’re up to our eyeballs in projects and loving it.  Most of the time.  The packing and unpacking isn’t much fun.

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