Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Chris Loves Julia & Moving Announcements

Another Friday, yeehaw!  Last Friday, we asked if you’ve ever won an award.  Back in fourth grade, we had a drawing contest for fire safety and prevention.  Well, I won the competition with my ‘Don’t go back in a burning building’ campaign.  I was so excited and that only fueled my dream to become an artist.  The winner of one chalkboard drawing from Chris Loves Julia is Jamie who won best dressed in high school.  Congrats on both wins!

I’ve had moving announcements on my mind lately, and yesterday while looking at paint swatches I found the perfect inspiration.  Why not make a paint swatch announcement design?  So I did, and I’m sharing it with you in four colorways.  Teal, yellow, green, and coral.

Each card is 2.5 inches wide by 8 inches tall when printed and cut.  The .pdf files can be edited using Photoshop, so change your name and address before printing.

Don’t have Photoshop?  I’ve made a blank print sheet for you to hand write or stamp your info on.

Now, I know envelopes in that size will be tricky to find, which is why I’m also including each color as a single card.

Single cards are Photoshop editable .pdf files, allowing you to exchange the example address with your own information.

When you’ve added your information, save the file as a .jpeg and email it to everyone you know.  Or just those you want to have your new address.  Haha.

Usually I share printable files through Google Documents, but the uploaded designs weren’t opening properly.  If you’d like your own set, please send me an email at with ‘Moving Announcement’ in the subject line.  Enjoy your weekend!  What are your plans?

5 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Chris Loves Julia & Moving Announcements

  1. So cute! We didn’t send moving annoucements but I did get an adorable stamp for our Christmas cards. And it’s Cinco de Mayo this weekend, which is a surprisingly popular holiday with my friends considering we live in the Northeast… 😉

  2. Thanks for making those moving announcements so accessible. I saw them on the Nesting Place too and really want to do that when we move!

  3. I think what would top it off is if your paint swatches were in the colors of your new home. This way if people were buying a house warming gift, they would know what would match.

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