Wash and Hang

For Mother’s Day, Ben did a few special things for me, which the title hints at.  First, he took me to breakfast at IHOP.  What can I say, I love pancakes, with chocolate chips.  He also bought me a pretty pink orchid while at Lowe’s.

Just what my office needed, a pop of color and life to take attention off the ugly wall paper and black electronics.

Do you remember the thrift store light I bought for the breakfast nook?

Last weekend, I spray painted the inside white and the outside got a coat of Lagoon.

Yesterday, the boys and I ran to Subway to get lunch, and came home to this.

I noticed it right after rounding the corner.  And I’m thrilled with the look.  Especially with the family room lamps.  Apparently Target blue is a perfect match for Rustoleum’s Lagoon.

Teal pops around the rooms and outside (this bird feeder hangs in the apple tree right outside the bay window) tie everything together.  That concludes the ‘hang’ part of my Mother’s Day gift.  Now you can see the ‘wash’ portion, which most definitely includes the older than I am dishwasher we inherited with the mountain house.  Our new KitchenAid dishwasher patiently waited in the garage, and Ben found some time to haul it upstairs.  After yerking the old washer out, we had an ugly hole.

Don’t ask what the stuff on the floor is, because you don’t want to know.  An hour or so of fiddling and tracing unknown water lines, Ben gave me a functional, new dishwasher.

We already ran it on a maiden voyage and started filling it up for another load.

Ooh, hidden controls and a clean handle.  Now I don’t have to wash my hands after opening the dishwasher.


A great Mother’s Day, and a productive weekend, indeed.  That Ben sure knows the way to my heart.  I’m one lucky gal with three great guys in my house.

How was your Mother’s Day?  What did you do?

P.S.  Today marks the two year anniversary of Our Humble A{Bowe}d.  I’ve got a little post planned for this afternoon, so stick around.

11 thoughts on “Wash and Hang

  1. Love that dishwasher – so sleek and clean! Spray paint is amazing, isn’t it? I’ve been reading for a little while – found you on Young House Love, I think. I was shocked when you put your house up for sale but now I kind of get it – the adventure of turning old tired spaces into new, fresh ones is always fun.

  2. Happy anniversary! Wow, only two years!? I must have been reading from almost the very beginning b/c I’ve been following you for at least 1.5 years. Can’t wait to follow along as you make your new house your home!

    Your Mother’s Day sounds lovely, glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Happy late Mother’s Day and happy 2 years! You have become one of my daily reads. Love the light and I’m drooling over that dishwasher.

  4. Love the color of the light and how it ties into the lamps in your family room! Love the dishwasher too! That is exactly what I would have wanted too!

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