May Acronym

Move outs, announcements, and pains:  We officially said good-bye to our first love house.  Share your new address with printable paint chip moving announcements.  While the mountain house is great, we’re feeling moving pains, especially in the closet department.

Adding design and function:  Design elements including a tile shower surround, tile on the floor, new lights, painted black out curtains, and considering decorative trim for the main bathroom.  Functional items include a sleek stainless dishwasher, a whole house fan, wireless fence to keep Jack safe, an open vanity topped by a DIY cut quartz counter top.

Yanking, yelling, yodeling:  Demolishing the old hot tub, chanting for a video tour, yodeling at the top of our mountainous yard.

June has already brought about a few blog changes, too.  Did you notice the new look?

I designed a new header, new background, and we’re officially official.  Finally we ditched the suffix.

You know I can’t resist a pun, right?  Heck, the name of the blog is a pun on our last name.  Why not do it again?  Bowe is pronounced bow (silent e) as in bow and arrow.  Take a closer look at the background…

Little arrows.  Our Facebook page is different, too.

Having a hard time seeing the details?  Click the pictures to enlarge.

15 thoughts on “May Acronym

  1. Too cute Amanda! I’ve always loved the pun for your blog name and the arrows are just too funny! Very creative 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kim! I think the arrows are a fun little touch. And now I’m thinking it could make a cool fabric design…


  2. April and May have been two incredible months for the Bowes and for the blog. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Great job on the new blog design too. You’re awesome!

    1. Hi Jenna!

      April and May have been crazy! I guess that’s normal when moving. Ha. Thanks you lovely lady!


  3. Hi Amanda. I am so happy that you re-did the header and moved the site to the new domain name. Congrats on all of the big changes!

    Also the inline comments are a nice improvement. Props to you for doing all of this.

    As a graphic designer and there is just one thing I wish was different. The arrows are beautiful but the contrast is stark for the background – and it really takes my eyes away from the text of a blog post. Did you consider lightening them by 50% or putting in a light grey background behind the arrows so that they weren’t so bold and distracting?

    1. Hi Laura!

      Thanks! After reading your comment, I totally agree. I lightened the background 50% and I think it’s so much better! Thanks for the help. 🙂


    1. Hey Erica,

      Thanks! This is the first time I’ve loved the design. It’s so tricky designing something for myself because I could go a million directions and know I can change things if I hate it.


    1. Hi Ashley!

      Thanks! I seriously can’t resist puns, even when cheesy. 🙂 Glad you like them too.


    1. Hey Julia!

      Thanks! And I was more than happy to help you out! I’ll let you know if/when we need guest posters. 🙂


  4. Love the new look and not having the suffix = ) If I had to pick something to change, I would lighten up the color of the image where the bird is (what is that called?) on the header. I love either way though! And I really like the arrows!
    I’m hoping to play around with Photoshop soon but I am so intimidated!

    ~ Liliana

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