Roof in the Rough

Ben and Handy Sammy started one of the biggest projects we’ll have to do to this house.  Re-roofing the entire house and pool room.  Not only is it a hot job, it’s rough.  They started with the hardest part, the pool room.  Eight sky lights to work around and a system of solar panels (the crazy blue thing on top of the roof) to tear off.

Before and of the tear off could start, we had to get a 30 yard dumpster up the driveway, which sounds easier than it was.  You see, our driveway winds up, and getting a large truck up there wasn’t especially easy.

Careful maneuvering made it possible.  So now we’ve got this to come home to.

Having it close to the house is a must because we have no other way to get the shakes off the roof.  An empty dumpster meant Ben could get started.  Leaking solar panels, see ya later.

For a little while, they lived in the dumpster.  Then Ben and Sam tore the pieces apart to recycle.

Ready to go.

We knew the pool roof leaked before we made an offer on this house.  But the leaks damaged the plywood.  Ben had to replace a few sheets before doing anything else.

I guess the roof project isn’t all terrible.  Do you see the mountains over the roof line?  Not too shabby.  After planning his attack method, the boys got to work.

Sheets of tar paper under the shakes made removal quicker.  Ben pried up the pieces while Sam rolled it all up into a self-contained shingle burrito.

Time consuming, but they’re making progress.  Much more than I would, that’s for darn sure.  They’ve finished tear off and weather proofing the pool room.

Just the house left.  Oy, that’s still a lot.  And that’s why the bathroom is on the back burner.  Weatherman is predicting cooler temperatures through the end of the week.  I hope he’s right, because that would make this project all the more enjoyable.

10 thoughts on “Roof in the Rough

  1. at least the dumpster is a pretty color! i’m always amazed when someone decides to tackle such a large diy project. (i need help changing a lightbulb!!) i’m so excited to follow along and root you on from the sidelines!

    1. Hi Holly!

      This is one huge undertaking, that’s for sure. Replacing windows and siding is on the to do list, maybe next year. We definitely need the encouragement, because this job can get tiring quickly.


    1. Hey Nikki,

      Nope, not allowance for us. The house was a short sale, so we got as much as we could, but nothing for the leaky roof. Good question!


    1. Hey Erin!

      Handy Sammy is Ben’s cousin. He moved out here last summer to go to college and now he’s living with us. We’re so lucky he’s a good sport and he’s always willing to help. We love him. 🙂


    1. Hi Ashley!

      Ha, Ben really likes DIY stuff, on his own timeline. We had an installer here last week for the geothermal (AC finally!) and Ben got a little crazy. He gets antsy when he doesn’t have control over a project.


  2. Yay for scrap metal! We got a lot out of our house when we (haha the bf’s dad, I just watched) redid parts of the heating system.

    I’m also very jealous that you have a live in handy man! We rely on friends who come over to help and I love when I come home to a complete project! Now just need to photograph some of them…

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