Year One: Paper

This giveaway is closed.  See who won here

Today marks six years since Ben and I got married.  To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with several Etsy shops to give away six years worth of traditional anniversary gifts.  According to this article, the first six years of anniversary gifts we’re celebrating are as follows:

Year one:  Paper

Year two: China

Year three: Leather

Year four: Flowers

Year five: Wood

Year six: Iron

Each day, starting today, we’ll have a themed giveaway.  Our paper giveaway comes from Aldari Art.  Feast your eyes on Dahlia No. 1.

The Goods: An 8 by 10 inch Dahlia No. 1 from Aldari Art in any color.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: Do you give traditional anniversary gifts?  What was your favorite paper gift?  A sentimental card?  A plane ticket?

For additional entries:

1.  Like Aldari Art on Facebook, come back and leave a comment.

2.  Follow Aldari Art on Twitter, and leave another comment.

3.  Keep up to date with Aldari Art happenings through the blog.

Contest Closes: Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the US or Canada!

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Monday, June 18th.  Good luck!!

168 thoughts on “Year One: Paper

  1. Wow, can’t believe I was the first comment! we do not give anniversary gifts really but I have a few very sweet cards from my hubby!!

  2. What a fun idea for giveaways! That print is really pretty!

    We don’t do traditional anniversary gifts and I’m alright with that. 🙂

  3. that is awesome. I love the orange and the simple loops that make it a flower. we usually go somewhere fun like a bed and breakfast on our anniversary. we have never done the traditional gift route. My daughter and her husband always do and they have had fun being really creative

  4. Love the dahlia … If I was married I think it’s romantic and can make gift giving so much easier to set boundaries if you follow tradition …. Happy anniversary, may you enjoy many more…

  5. My fave paper gift was to my husband this year. We got married in Las Vegas and always stay at the MGM so I bought him a share of MGM stock and had it framed with an engraved plate that said “I hit the jackpot when I married you”

  6. This print would be perfect in our kitchen! We don’t do traditional anniversary presents, but we try to take a long weekend trip (that king size hotel bed would be more fun if our toddler didn’t decide to join in, every. single.time) and take plenty of pictures to commemorate the occasion!

  7. What a cool idea for a giveaway in honor of your anniversary!
    We try to follow the traditional gifts each year….so far so good, although we are only on year 3 🙂

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! We have loved getting the traditional gifts from his parents. 1st year we loved getting toilet paper, paper towels, etc. 🙂

  9. We got married on my husband’s birthday, so we always try to do a little overnight or weekend away. One year, we went to Leavenworth, WA for Oktoberfest. So fun!

  10. I love dahlias. So pretty. We don’t do much for our anniversary because it is on 4th of July, so there is always a party and fireworks!

  11. Oh that is a lovely print! We don’t do traditional for ourselves but often for our friends… and I don’t think they have one for 18, anyway 🙂

  12. Happy anniversary!
    My husband and I have tried to stick to the traditional gifts, but I feel that might go out the window with leather. However, I hope we continue the tradition of writing each other a letter on each anniversary. We have done that every year on both our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of our first date.
    That print is beautiful! Would look great on the wall of our new house! 🙂

  13. Congrats on your 6th! My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th later this month – I can’t believe I’m old enough to be celebrating my 20th… Thanks for the giveaway. That orange dahlia would look delightful in my home office.

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    My husband and I try to follow the traditional anniversary gifts, but sometimes we get creative. I got a cotton ball in an envelope (Cotton is year 2 according to some lists)…the cotton ball accompanied some fabulous Cirque Du Soleil tickets, my real gift!

    Lovely print.

  15. Happy Anniversary! 6 years is awesome! I just got married a month ago and I think we’ll try to follow the traditional gifts. I’m not sure what I’ll get him but I’m leaning towards some type of art…our houses walls are pretty bare still.

  16. We don’t give traditional gifts. My favorite paper gift is the birth certificate of our first born son on our 2 year anniversary.

  17. Love this! We have only been married 10 months but we do plan on trying to give gifts based on the traditions.

  18. My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary. We went kinda traditional, bought season tickets to the Broadway shows coming through town. A huge splurge for us!

  19. Congratulations on 6 years! My husband and I haven’t really been following the traditional gifts, although I do think its a really great idea!

  20. I love to give traditional anniversary gifts! I’d love to win this print and give to to my daughter and her new husband on their first anniversary!

  21. Print is so cute and would look great on my new nursery wall! We don’t follow traditional anniversary gifts. Every 5th anniversary we go on a trip so you could pick either of the itineraries/tickets from those. Bahama Cruise for our 5 year anniversary (that I helped plan) or the TOTAL surprise trip down Route 66 until we reached the Grand Canyon then we went on mules into the Grand Canyon to stay at Phantom Ranch that dh planned all by himself! (that one was my FAVORITE!!!)

  22. gorgeous print! we are coming up on year 2, but we didnt really do the traditional gifts for year one, so we probably wont as we keep adding years!

  23. We try to do traditional gifts….I just gave my husband new sheets for our second anniversary (cotton). For our first anniversary, we got each other some beautiful books with notes written in the front. Loved that!

  24. My husband and my 1st anniversary will be in October and I definitely plan on incorporating the traditional anniversary gifts into our future celebrations.

  25. This will be year two anniversary for my husband and me, so we haven’t been giving anniversary gifts very long! We are doing traditional gifts though. Last year for our first anniversary he gave me a Bible and I gave him a print to hang in his office.

  26. So pretty! My fav gift was something we gave each other – a radio for the kitchen. We always listen while cooking dinner together.

  27. We don’t do traditional gifts. In fact, we don’t do gifts at all. We just go out for a nice meal together and relish the fact that we’re together. My favorite paper gift, however, was from an old boyfriend. He wrote me a blank “check” for my birthday that said for the next 24 hours, we would do whatever I wanted to do, no matter what. I had so much fun that day. Best present ever!

  28. ohh that print would look great in my guest bathroom! i honestly haven’t gotten into the traditional gifts, but always think i should start 🙂

  29. That’s beautiful! We’ve only been married a year and a half, but we did base our one-year anniversary gifts on the “paper” theme! I definitely think we’ll keep it up!

  30. Happy Anniversary! Last year (our first) I made hubbie a map with an embroidered heart around the town we got married in. He gave me a framed wedding photo. So kinda traditional. This year I think we’re going to have a wall hanging surfboard made to hang in our foyer. Not traditional at all!

  31. We have never done the traditional route but I know many who have and it is so neat and detailed. We aren’t really gift givers but hands down my most favorite anniversary gift was a new washer and dryer set on our fourth anniversary! I’m practical what can I say lol.

  32. We sure are doing the traditional gifts! This October will mark our 5th year. Last year was flowers. My husband came home with about 10 bouquets of fall flowers – literally there was that many! It took me nearly an hour to arrange them all in vases. To answer your question – the paper gift for the 1st year was a plane ticket to Las Vegas!

  33. I love the Dahlia print! Unfortunately, my husband and I have never been traditional with gift for our anniversary. We just celebrated our 9th year of marriage and he finally got me the diamond wedding band I had been coveting for years. I guess four kids, a house and two dogs are gift enough for me:)

  34. Happy anniversary to you and Ben! That’s a beautiful print!
    We’ve never done the traditional anniversary thing, but I think it would be fun.

  35. We just celebrated our first anniversary last month. We made a video of us talking about our first year of marriage. I hope to do this every year.

  36. I am getting married in August, so haven’t had any anniversaries yet, but it would be fun to do our own little twists on the traditional gifts each year.

  37. Gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win! We do not do traditional gifts…we mostly buy something for “us” or our home 🙂

  38. So pretty. We don’t do too many themed anniversary gifts, although I was delighted at the turquoise scarf my husband got me last year for our turquoise-iversary!

  39. Beautiful! I fully intended on sticking to the traditional gifts, and after being married for 9 years, year one was the only year that I actually did it right!

  40. Today (June 11) is actually our 1 year anniversary! 🙂 We aren’t doing any sort of traditional anniversary gift (in fact, we aren’t getting a gift for each other at all this year) and I don’t think we will in the future (traditional gifts – I’m sure we’ll get some awesome gifts for each other in the future…we have been treating ourselves to some major purchases lately, that’s why we’re foregoing the anniversary gifts).

  41. For our one year anniversary we bought a scratch and dent microwave that was $90 instead of $330. We were remodeling our kitchen at the time and on a budget. I guess we’re pretty nontraditional!

  42. We don’t do the traditional gifts…sometimes we do a decent “us” present (like a new backyard this year) or sometimes we do small just for you/me presents

  43. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    I love themed/tradiational anniversary gifts! My favorite anniversary gift was the only one I’ve received thus far, a silhouette of us from a picture on our wedding day! I got my husband a matte for a frame with our first dance song written in calligraphy.

  44. our anniversary is new year’s eve, so our gift to each other is usually a nice night out, with a bottle of champagne!

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