Six Years Ago: Honeymoon

Yesterday marked six years since Ben and I were married.  Last year I shared all the details of our back yard wedding.  Handmade invitations, the location (our aunt and uncle’s back yard), flowers, and all the little details.  Now you’ll get to see where we went on our honeymoon.  Savannah, Georgia.  We wanted to go to the east coast, and considered Maine, but Savannah charmed us.

Ben actually booked a hotel on Hilton Head Island, about an hour drive from Savannah.  A delayed flight got us to the hotel around midnight.  The next day, we walked past a small pond on the hotel grounds and saw this sign.

Just funny to us, seeing as we both grew up far from oceans.  A few nights after, we saw this in the same pond.

A real alligator!  Anyway, we walked around, exploring the local scenery.

A pretty lighthouse.

So we climbed to the top.

Saw the view.  Can you tell we were young and giddy to finally be married?

We enjoyed the warm weather and cool breeze along the inlet.

Ben rocked out, southern style in red rocking chairs.

Posed with statues.

And held up giant trees.

We spent a few days at the beach, though the weather wasn’t especially cooperative.

The baby crabs freaked me out.

But I loved filling my pockets with pretty shells.

Then we took a drive into Savannah, crossing over the Talmadge bridge.

I don’t know why, but I love bridges.

And the Spanish moss covered live oaks were so charming.

In my opinion, Forsyth Park is a must see if you’re in Savannah.

One of the reasons we chose Savannah is for the old, classic architecture.  The church of St. John the Baptist is no exception.

In addition to bridges, I love adorned windows and doors.

Savannah certainly wasn’t lacking in that department.  Even the dripping rust was beautiful.

Any city with horse drawn carriages is good in my book.

Patina copper and rust red brick on the Savannah Cotton Exchange building, simply charming.

We decided to take a tour of a house, the Owens Thomas house.  Such beautiful landscaping.

Sadly, tourists aren’t allowed to take interior pictures, but the catwalk and grand staircase were indeed grand.  How stately is the Armstrong house?

And the history of the Mercer house was documented in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

A gold-domed court house with palm trees.  I’m jealous.

Historic River Street with cobblestone streets and train tracks.

This might sound odd, but we also visited the beautiful Bonaventure cemetery.  The monuments were amazing.

While we don’t have time to go on a vacation these days, we do have our own anniversary traditions.  I try to get Ben a traditional anniversary gift.  Five years equal something made of wood, so I got him a sappy cut out and later mounted it to a piece of wood.  Year six traditional gift is iron, so I got Ben a gift certificate for a round of golf to put those irons to good use.  And give him a break from roofing.  We also take a day to get a baby sitter for a nice dinner, free from crying kids.  The restaurant varies depending on our mood, but we’ve got three favorite places we wouldn’t go with kids and hit one up for a delicious three course meal including rhubarb raspberry crisp.  Um, yum!


13 thoughts on “Six Years Ago: Honeymoon

    1. Sam,

      Savannah was gorgeous! You’d love it, especially all the old buildings and flowers. 🙂


  1. You captured some amazing pictures! Everytime we go downtown I try to capture a little bit of something. Did you do any of the tours when you were here?

    1. The only official tour we took was the Owens Thomas House. A few locals saw us walking around and pointed us to some of their favorite places and pointed out Hollywood movie scenes, like the bench Forrest Gump sat on. 🙂 We liked going at our own pace, carrying a travel guide around.


  2. I love that you still make your anniversary a special time for just the two of you! My husband and I just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, although we’ve been dating for almost 11 years! 🙂

  3. ThiS post makes me feel guilty for complaining about where I live! I live a stones throw away from savannah! Did you visit tybee island as well?

    1. Hi Rachael!

      Consider me jealous! We didn’t get a chance to go to Tybee Island, but we heard great things about it. I wish we had more time there. So many pretty buildings and the whole city was perfectly set up for walking.


  4. Aw, you guys are so cute! I’m glad you posted this because we have always considered visiting Savannah and this has lots of good visitor info.! Def. have to bookmark.

  5. My hubby and I went to Jekyll Island, GA for our honeymoon and drove about 1.5 hours for a day trip to Savannah. It really is a beautiful city! I have to say though, if you are ever in the area again, you need to visit Charleston, SC. Very similar to Savannah but I LOOOVE Charleston – maybe because I feel like I know the city so well since we go at least twice a year. Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend Jekyll Island if you are looking for a beautiful place to do absolutely nothing but relax 🙂

  6. I lived in Savannah for six years, while I went to college and grad school at SCAD. It is my favorite place in the world! I hope you guys enjoyed some good restaurants too!

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