Year Four: Flowers {Round One}

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Today we’re celebrating fourth wedding anniversaries with flowers.  When I asked shops to take part in this themed giveaway, three wonderful shops were willing to offer up flower themed items.  All are great, so I decided to share all three.  First up, Maleah Torney Photography.

This lovely shop has oodles of flower photography to choose from.

Pretty pink peonies:

Yellow Spring Blossoms:

Yellow Poppies:

The Goods: Any 8 by 8, 8 by 10 or 8 by 12 from Maleah Torney Photography.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: What flowers did you have at your wedding?  Was your choice based on the season?  Tulips are my favorite, so I had to have them, despite being out of season in June.

Contest Closes: Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the US or Canada!

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Monday, June 18th.  Good luck!!

126 thoughts on “Year Four: Flowers {Round One}

  1. We got married in August and used a lot of hydrangeas and lavender. My bouquet also had garden roses and some greenery. I loved it!

  2. I had a variety of bright colourful flowers that were in season like orange Asiatic lilies, pink dahlias, yellow fressia, and red gerberas. So bright and fun!!

  3. I had Sterling Roses at my wedding. I had seen these online and requested them from the florist. For anyone unfamiliar with this rose, it’s a silvery lavender. They were beautiful!

  4. I got married on the beach and had orange lilies. It wasn’t my favorite flower until after that day! I thought since we seen those all the time on the beach and they are so lovely what a perfect fit.

  5. We had a bunch of kinds in shades of hot pink, lime green, and purple. Bells of Ireland, roses, stock, orchids, etc. They were so pretty.

  6. Peonies! A must because they are my absolute favorite flower. I got married in May just to make sure they would be in season! I still have my bouquet – lovingly dried and framed by my mom.

  7. I had a mix of all sorts of different white and cream flowers (but no carnations!). I wanted Lily of the Valley but they are apparently very expensive so that was a no-go.

    Nice giveaway!

  8. I love peonies but getting married in January, they were not available. I had yellow roses because that is the flower that my hubby used to propose to me. Still special after 42 years.

  9. Love the week of giveaways! We were married in Mexico, so my flower choices were slightly limited. We went with white tulips and big white mums, really simple but elegant. We were married on the beach so I didn’t want anything too fancy.

  10. I worked at a flower shop in high school, so used that shop when I got married – I adore the owner’s design aesthetic, so let her have free reign. Each bouquet was different — and mine was filled with whites and silvers. I loved it!

  11. My wedding was on my grandparents farm and we just used the flowers that were growing on it in theirs and my parents gardens. I loved it because it gave us the fun and rustic feel we were going for with all of the random wild flowers everywhere.

  12. I haven’t had a wedding but I do love flowers. I love wild flowers like poppies but for a wedding I’d probably go traditional and do roses even though I like calla lillies. My mom says they symbolize death so they really might not be wedding appropriate…

  13. the bouquets had hydrangea, kermit mums and a bunch of other purple & green flowers/foliage. the rest of the flowers we cut at a u-pick flower place, so we got whatever was growing at the time. we put them in large mason jars tied with strips of burlap for a very natural wildflower feeling.

  14. We had calla lilies and red roses for our bouquets and zinnias from our local farmer’s market for our table arrangements.

  15. Peonies, lithianthus, orange ranunculus, lime green spider mums lots of bright and festive flowers.

  16. We did blue & cream for our colors, so flowers were based on that & what was seasonally available. I love lilies, so we made sure to include some of those

  17. I carried all white flowers with some beautiful eucalyptus accents as did all my attendants – I wanted something very classic and it really popped against the dark blue of the wedding party – 20 years later I am still happy with my choices, which of course HAD to include gerber daisies which are my very favorite!

  18. I had a bouquet of cymbidium orchids, because our first date was to a dance, and he brought a corsage of cymbidium orchid. They are yellow – I have never told him, but I think they are UGLY. (My bad)

  19. I have no clue what kind of flowers we had. They were green and yellow and pretty exotic. White Orchids and Irish bells or something like that was one of them, the rest, NO CLUE! But oh-so pretty!

  20. We had pink roses. I did the flowers myself and was able to order 500 of them for 300 dollars. Huge money saver!

  21. I didn’t really care which flowers were used. I tolf the florist my theme and budget and she created beautiful bouquets and centerpieces!

  22. We had roses. I really wanted hydrangeas, but the florist (bless the man) said I was “too petite” for hydrangeas. No one had ever called me petite before (while somewhat short, I’ve never been small), so I accepted it and still recall the conversation with a smile on my face.

  23. We had hydrangeas (my late grandfatger’s favorite) and yellow roses (my late grandmothers favorite). My MOH got yellow tulips (her favorite) in her bouquet.

  24. We didn’t have flowers at our wedding since we never had a real service. I married my Marine the first business day after he came home from a deployment, so romantic I know haha. But these prints are adorable!

  25. We used roses, alstroemeria, and waxflower. They were chosen first for their sturdiness as I was putting together the flowers myself…but I loved the way they looked!

  26. We didn’t do any flowers other than 3 white roses in memory of my husband’s grandparents. I didn’t carry anything and my bridesmaids actually carried glasses with blue stone and a large white candle in them.

  27. We were married in October, but I didn’t want a traditional fall colored bouquet with red, orange, gold etc. I asked my florist to do a vintage looking bouquet that fit a fall wedding but didn’t scream autumn. I called even describe the final product, but it was beautiful!

  28. I know I had roses in pink and champagne hues, but I don’t remember the other flowers…it has been twenty years this month since my wedding day, that’s my excuse!

  29. Not married yet, but I’d probably go with something seasonal. Love these photos — they’re so dreamy!

  30. Peonies are my favorite but because we had a July wedding I wasn’t able to get them. Instead we picked flowers that matched each bridesmaids personality (or their favorite flower). ( snap dragons, tulips, roses, etc) Each carried a different flower and I had all of them! Bonus: the girls dresses were navy blue and their flowers were orange (matron of honor had pink) awesome pop of color!!!

  31. a bouquet of wild flowers. mixed bright colors that were really pretty
    no roses for this gir (or gramma actually)

  32. My bouquet had alot of Calla Lilies, but other arrangements were more varied to cut down on costs.

  33. I was very “hands-off” for my wedding. My wonderful, talented sister-in-law is very good at everything creative & beautiful, so I asked her to take care of the flower details. The only request I had was that I have some jasmine flowers for my hair. As for the bouquet and table settings, I have no idea what they were! 🙂 And assortment of white flowers! 🙂

  34. Tulips! I was hoping for some peonies because I love how they look but they weren’t in season (=stupid expensive).

  35. I only had mums in my bouquet, although it was not at all what I had wanted. I wanted a mixture of peonies and other “fluffy” flowers and when we got the flowers on my wedding day it was too late. At least it was the only thing I didn’t like about my wedding so I made do!

  36. I like flowers, and these prints are lovely.

    I forgot the whole flower thing until the very last minute. I found a cute little bouquet of old roses.

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