Year Four: Flowers {Round Two}

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Round two of the flower anniversary giveaway.  Lauren Alison‘s shop has bright, happy hand printed home goods.

Get your own hot pink peony pillow cover.

A fun way to bring the neon trend into your house!

The Goods: One hot pink peony pillow cover from Lauren Alison.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: Did you have a fun wedding accent color?  We kept it simple with black and white, but had pops of lime green in our flowers.

Contest Closes: Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the United States only.

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Monday, June 18th.  Good luck!!

98 thoughts on “Year Four: Flowers {Round Two}

  1. Love peonies — one of my favorite flowers. We didn’t have an accent color at our wedding. But we actually had a “floral” theme. So the bridesmaids and the flower girl all had different versions of a spring “floral” dress.

  2. We basically did black and white, but the pops of color were in the flowers and my bridesmaids each had their own brightly colored shoe (5 different colors) which matched the groomsmen’s ties. I have to say, all of these posts about weddings makes me want to go back to that day and do it all over again! I wouldn’t change a thing!

  3. champagne and silver would be our accent colors, I guess – we were married on New Year’s Eve so we wanted to keep it wintery and elegant.

  4. What a gorgeous pillow! Peonies are my favorite flowers.

    I’m not married and/or planning a wedding quite yet, but I’d love to use aqua as a wedding accent color.

  5. Pale pink, ivory, and black seemed to carry through many aspects of our wedding, including our flowers.

  6. I was married in September (20 years ago!) and the girls wore a beautiful deep navy with black undertones and we accented with a matching tartan plad ribbon in the flower arrangements and flower girls sashes.

  7. Love this pillow cover! I’m not married yet, but if/when it happens – I will have turquoise, for sure.

  8. Accent color? In 1975, that was a novel idea. My colors were aqua and sage green — which are now popular again. 🙂

  9. I let my sister pick her maid of honor dress so we just went with that: green! I never thought I would have a green wedding but I loved it – we also had pops of yellow in the flowers 🙂

  10. We used a sage-y green. That’s what my ‘maid wore anyway. Everything was just ivory/white really. And so pretty, if I do say so myself! 😉

    Love the pillow cover!

  11. What a pretty pillow! My colors were green and a little dash of yellow. I wanted something unique and at the time orange, brown and navy were super popular.

  12. I’m not married and every time I think I know what colors I would use, I’ll change my mind a year later. Love the pillow!

  13. When I do get married I hope to use teals and greens, maybe with a few pops of coral. We’ll see, I will probably change my mind ten times before I say I do.

  14. Our colors were blue, yellow and a little bit of orange! We both graduated from the University of Florida so we have to have some orange and blue on our wedding day!

  15. LOVE this! We were married on a gorgeous New England fall day, so our colors were inspired by the foliage.. burgundy, deep orange and cream! Very rich and bold!

  16. Black and white with bright blue accents. Our wedding was in the winter so it was meant to be sort of an icy blue!

  17. I got married long before wedding details were so important (!), but our main color was royal blue.

  18. That’s a beautiful pillow! Our wedding was in October, but I didn’t want to do the traditional fall colors of red, orange, etc. My dress color was called “rum pink”, and it was beautiful…it looked white to the casual observer, but had a beautiful champagne pink undertone to it. The bridesmaids dresses were black, and our bouquets and centerpieces were a mix of yellows, pinks, plums, and blues.

  19. Oh my goodness that pillow is amazing! I haven’t figured out my colors yet, good thing my boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet.

  20. Black and white w/ lime green is exactly what I’ve thought about for a few years now! Maybe someday…

  21. Elegant black dresses with light blue and silver decorating accents for our fun New Years Eve wedding!

  22. love this bright cheerful pillow 🙂 our wedding was cream, white, spring green and touches of brown….

  23. My accent was orange. It was going to be my main color until my uncle told my pregnant cousin that she would look like a pumpkin in her bridemaid’s dress, so we vetoed that!

  24. I haven’t gotten married yet but I am loving the jewel tones I’ve seen lateley…and I LOVE this pillow! It would be perfect in my new house

  25. Love this pillow! Love pillows…
    We had light pink and light lilac with white. It was so romantic and so pretty!

  26. We did silver and purple with a vintage theme. We had our ceremony in a old courthouse turned museum and had the reception in an old estate…

  27. Our colors were black, white, with wild pops of dark red. We got married in November and all the tree leaves were a nice red color.

  28. This pillow would be lovely in my backyard. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    No color! My dress looked like it had been dyed in tea. My husband wore a dark suit. Our wedding picture was done in a sepia tone.

  29. Turquoise Blue! No bridesmaids, groomsmen or anything, but a little broach on my dress, sashes on the chairs, etc 🙂

  30. I originally picked green and wanted to do those dresses where the bridesmaid picks the skirt and top that works best for her figure. My girls went shopping together and found this magenta-ish fabric with a hint of orange in the shimmer that they loved. I am easy! It worked for me.

  31. Our wedding was in central MN in December. The twin cities got 18 inches of fresh snow that night! We had lots of navy with accents of pearl and gold.

  32. Our wedding color was coral – which I still love and happens to be quite in this summer even though our wedding was 5 summers ago!

  33. We had yellow, orange and pink. The flowers were those colors, and my bridesmaid dresses were yellow. My husband wore a hot pink tie, and his best man wore a yellow tie 🙂

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