Year Four: Flowers {Round Three}

This giveaway is closed.  See who won here

Last round of the flower giveaways.  This one is from Pineapple Bay Studio, a Hawaii based watercolor filled shop.

The floral prints are bright and colorful, perfect for summer.

Shower Tree Petals:

Fresh Pick No. 3:

Orchids Watercolor:


The Goods: One 8 inch by 10 inch print from Pineapple Bay Studio.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: What keepsakes do you have from your wedding?  Are they proudly displayed?  Maybe a dried bouquet of flowers?  A framed invitation?

Contest Closes: Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the United States only.

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Monday, June 18th.  Good luck!!

139 thoughts on “Year Four: Flowers {Round Three}

  1. One of my favorite keepsakes from my wedding is a recipe book we made for take aways at the cookie buffet. It has all of our family recipes in it and I love going to that every time we need to make a dessert for a party!

  2. I’ve been married for 37 years, so about the only keepsake I have left is my husband and wedding ring!
    I LOVE your watercolors.

  3. I have a dried arrangement of a few buds from my bouquet in a shadow box frame. I always smile when I see it!

  4. My husband made a wooden box with a really cool monogram he designed to use instead of a ring pillow. I love it and it lives on the coffee table now.

  5. i have a whole box of stuff – save the date, invite, response cards, program, cards, flowers, and even my whole planning binder. i would love to display some of it… maybe someday…

  6. This answer won’t get me picked so I am glad the contest is random! I have no keepsakes left from my wedding…seriously none, pathetic. Just the photos. And to top that off I left our cake topper in the hotel rooms refrigerator. You know the one you were supposed to eat on your 1 year wedding anniversary? Brilliant! I didn\’t realize we left it until we had already traveled back to NYC from Philadelphia where our wedding was, unfortunately 2 hours too late.

  7. Wow, these painting are GORGEOUS! I have almost everything left from my wedding (paper lanterns, crystal vases, crystal centerpiece decorations, wine glasses). My mom decided it was cheaper to buy what we wanted than rent it. So now I have about 4 boxes of wedding stuff in my garage. Its going to come in handy when I have a BIG party!

  8. We have a vase that we used for one of our centerpieces – it is only about 2 inches tall and it has a frog thing in it so the entire flower is exposed, from the bottom of the stem to the petals.

  9. my favorite “take away” from my wedding was my husband 🙂 My favorite keepsake are the bride and groom bears we got
    thanks for entering me!

  10. Love that hydrangea print!

    I’m not married yet, but Pinterest offers so many ideas for storing, capturing and showcasing wedding keepsakes.

  11. beautiful watercolors!

    Keepsake: Definitely our wedding pictures, though I need to update the frames/mattes with something new; i still have my bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquet and my husbands boutineer. 14 years later and still going strong!

  12. My keepsake is a framed wedding photo with a large mat around it which was signed by all the guests with their well wishes!! We put an engagement photo in it at the reception and had it at the enterance.

  13. We have a wedding picture matted with guests signatures and messages framed and displayed in our bedroom.

  14. Of course, we have a cake topper (a beautiful musical bisque dancing couple (got it from Wilton’s)) and the toasting flutes (cobalt crystal with silver stems – I had them engraved with his name first on his, and my name first on mine). We use them on every anniversary!

  15. So far we just have a shadowbox with an invitation to each of our wedding events. We need to print wedding pictures still…

  16. We have a framed invitation and our cake topper on display. It’s a lovely stone piece of two people dancing, that was actually too heavy to go on the cake.

  17. I have a scrapbook of my favorite things on a shelf in my living room, but none are more prominently displayed than that.

  18. I love those hydrangeas! We have glass Christmas balls with our dried flowers inside. And I still have my dress in a box under my bed, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll hang on to it.

  19. Beautiful!! I still have my bouquet and my husband’s boutenniere out but we were married in early May.

  20. Not married and don’t plan to be. That said, I have plenty of framed photos of the weddings I’ve been in.

  21. I still have my bouquet with my Grandma’s rosary wrapped around it. We didn’t use real flowers, so I keep it displayed in our bedroom.

  22. pictures (including a close up for my necklace and a closeup of his boutonniere hanging above our bed), a little bunting banner I made, and our tall tubular vases now hold our toilet paper in the bathroom!

  23. We still have so many things from our wedding – I saved all the extra invitations and we have some dried flowers from the centerpieces!

  24. No wedding mementos to display! I really like the idea of the recipe book someone mentioned above.

  25. We have our toasting glasses and framed photos from the day….but most of our stuff has been demoted to the attic (or gotten rid of altogether)….kids stuff comes first now. 🙂

  26. We got married in Hawaii. I received leis from some of our wedding guests. I have kept my traditional Hawaiian bridal headpiece (called a haku) and one of the leis that dried/preserved beautifully.

  27. Love those watercolor prints! Let’s see… I still have my dried bouquet (need to do something with it!) and the invitations I hand made with the idea that I would frame it eventually. And of course I have many photos.

  28. My favorite momento is not from my wedding but rather our engagement. It’s an italian leather journal turned into a book that my husband wrote an allegory about us. It has two music boxes inside; one that plays when you read the book, and the other that plays during the last page and has my engagement ring in a box that reads “will you marry me?”. It’s def the one thing I would save in a fire! Our 5th wedding anniversary is this Sunday June 17th!!

  29. Keepsakes, hmmm…other than pictures, I can’t remember. It has been 20 years. Thanks for the giveaway, and happy anniversary

  30. We have lots of pictures, of course, and we keep our unity candle as part of our dining room center piece!

  31. Not married, but I’d probably just have a picture from my wedding displayed. Framing the invitation is a good idea. Maybe I’d do that, too.

  32. These are so beautiful! I’m definitely checking out this shop. I’m pathetic–aside from a couple of framed photos, our mementos are in a box in the attic. Oh, wait, I did paint glass ball ornaments with our names and date for favors (since we got married around the holidays) so one of those hangs on our tree at Christmas.

  33. I love the Orchids Watercolor! So pretty! We have a wedding picture with the mat signed by all those who came to our reception hanging in our bedroom.

  34. I have the flower that I wore in my hair… I also have our invitation framed, I drew a Gardenia (same flower as I wore) on each invitation. Quite the task, but turned out beautiful! It will be 6 years this September!

  35. Love those prints! 🙂 We still have a few leftover favors: Bell windchimes with our names, wedding date, and an ivy leaf painted on them.

  36. SO many contests, but honestly, I’d rather win this one than the two cameras, the Cricuit, etc. I love, love, love watercolors like these, so much, they bring tears to my eyes! If I don’t win, I’m picking out something for my own birthday gift !!!! Yeah, I said it!

  37. Beautiful! I have lots of momentos – my photo guest book (best thing we did! Great candid shots of the guests along with their wishes for us…six years later and I still look through it!).

  38. i DO have my dry bouquet of flowers in a vase on our bookshelf…both my kiddos love looking at (and trying to crunch) them. Probably won’t be around much longer…but 7 years is something, right?!

  39. LOVELY!!! I pressed my husband’s boutonniere instead of any of my flowers. It is still in the family bible we got as a gift.

  40. We saved a few invites, pictures, and small trinkets that I have put into an album. Great memories! 22 years and counting!! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  41. Ahh, my dried flowers. Thanks for the reminder that my are SUPPOSE to be ready by my first anniversary (under a month now).

  42. I have a shadow box at the entrance to our bedroom that has mementos from our wedding day (our Mr. and Mrs. place cards), invitation, save-the-date, hubby’s boutonniere and the locket from my bouquet.

  43. We had a creative guest book: business card-sized cards with the image from our invitations printed on them; my husband loves beautiful, hand-crafted wooden boxes so we purchased one on Etsy to serve as our “guest book” (card holder). It sits on the shelf below our coffee table. The memories are always just a box away. 🙂

  44. These are beautiful! Have lots of little things from our wedding. Most special is probably the video and photos. Our kids love to see what we looked like then.

  45. No keepsakes, but I do still wear my “wedding dress” — a white cotton sundress I dyed green a few years ago to make it much more practical for outings with the kids!

  46. My nail polish!! Every time I paint a coat on I remember that day–ten years ago this year!!!

  47. I’ve been with my SO for 10 years and I have quite a few keepsakes. One that I made is actually a charm bracelet that’s all about us. A charm for the city we met, lived in, etc…

  48. We have so much from our wedding.. pictures, albums, lanterns that we used as decor, invitations, cupcake liners (3 years later) and it is all over our house as decor.

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