Year Five: Wood

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To continue with our anniversary themed giveaways, we’re getting in on the action.  The fifth wedding anniversary gift is wood.  Last year, I gave Ben a cut out and mounted it to a piece of wood.  So we’re offering you the same thing!

Choose either the Birch Tree Cut Out:

Or the Oak Tree Cut Out:

Of course we’ll add your initials in place of ours.

The Goods: One birch or oak tree cut out mounted to a dark walnut stained wooden backing from our shop.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: What is your favorite anniversary memory?

Contest Closes: Sunday, June 17th at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Monday, June 18th.  Good luck!!

131 thoughts on “Year Five: Wood

  1. When we were dating, my husband and I never agreed on an official anniversary date, so we both “picked” our own day. He picked a couple days after my birthday and surprised me with flowers at work and I pciked the 4th of July, because who doesn’t like fireworks on your anniversary.

  2. Last year was our first anniversary and we did a really nice home cooked meal and watched a movie. Super simple, but we went on vacation to do a motorcycle trip around the grand canyon a month before hand, so we kinda counted that as our anniversary gift 🙂

  3. We’ve only had two anniversaries so far 🙂 Both times we went out to a very nice restaurant, where dinner takes two to three hours. So nice just to have that time to reflect and talk to each other! Love the tree cut outs!

  4. Our best anniversaries are the ones where we have agreed on nothing big (trips or gifts). No phones, computers, tv, no house or yard work. We just relax and have fun together.

  5. We went on a cruise on our 2nd anniversary. We couldn’t really afford to take a honeymoon when we got married.

  6. Love the paper cut outs. I don’t know if I have one special anniversary memory. I am have enjoyed them all!

  7. i’ve only had one official anniversary so far, but finally getting to have a piece of our wedding cake was pretty memorable, even if it wasnt nearly as fresh as it used to be!

  8. My favorite so far has been for our 5th. We went up to the North Shore of MN and stayed at a really cute little resort. It was the first trip we had taken with just ourselves in a long time, and it was perfect. So relaxing!

  9. No anniversary yet, but I have my fingers crossed for a pearl ring for our First Anniversary to replace the one I have (the pearl was from Sea World and very dull).

  10. For our first anniversary we took a trip to St. Lucia. It was so beautiful and so relaxing! About 3 weeks later we found out I was pregnant with our daughter so the trip definitely has special meaning for us.

  11. Our first anniversary, which my husband planned – a B&B, a performance at an outdoor theater, revisiting the spot where he proposed, all good memories!

  12. My favourite anniversary memory is when we BOTH surprised each other with dinner! I got the day off of work to surprise him with blue-cheese burgers (he LOVES burgers), wine, candle light dinner… and HE stopped at our favourite restaurant after work and brought dinner home! Hahaha.

  13. My favorite anniversary was a Caribbean cruise we took to celebrate belated honeymoon, 4th anniversary, and my husband coming home from Afghanistan.

  14. Love the cut outs!!! Our 10th anniversary is this year and my husband is supposed to be in charge of planning a trip so we’ll see how he does!

  15. Love these! 1st Anniversary is paper so for our 1st Anniversary, I gave my hubby plane tickets to San Fransico — that is a fav memory!

  16. Just the style our first house (that we close on in a week) will have!

    We celebrated our first anniversary in December and went to Duluth, MN and went to Bentleyville (an unbelievably cool Christmas light display). We went to Grand Marais MN. for our honeymoon so we kept the theme of North Shore.

  17. Thanks for a great giveaway. Unfortunately we haven’t had many anniversaries that we’ve been able to celebrate because of my husbands job.

  18. On our 1st anniversary we found our home after searching for 3 months and seeing more than 100 homes… the very next day we found out we were pregnant with our 1st child!

  19. Love the cut out! We have yet to celebrate an official anniversary (just married in October). However, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  20. This past year was our first anniversary – it was SO much fun to bust out our wedding cake and snack on it…I was surprised by how good it still tasted!

  21. We brought home our only daughter from the hospital on our 4 yr wedding anniversary. Best. Present, Ever.

  22. My favorite anniversaries are the ones where my husband’s home! I guess the best anniversary was the one where we had the wedding. We JOP’d it the first time, then had our wedding on our first anniversary. We didn’t tell (many) people we were already married, so depending who you ask we’re either at 4 or 5 years.

  23. Our fifth anniversary is in July – I guess my favorite was our 2nd, we had just moved to a new city and had a new baby. It seemed like a wonderful new chapter was starting.

  24. We just celebrated our first anniversary last week and my favorite moment was when we had a devotional (reading of prayers, writings, etc.) on love and marriage, just the two of us. It was nice to reflect on the purpose of our marriage and the beautiful things to come.

  25. Our first anniversary we didn’t have much money and we went to a mystery dinner theater. It was terrible but a hilarious memory now 🙂

  26. We go to Taco Bell for our anniversary every year. It is our favorite fast food, and we never go there because it is bad for us, so every year on our anniversary (and on Valentine’s Day) it is our special treat to ourselves. =)

  27. Our anniversary and Rob’s birthday are the same day so we always try to do something fun! Our favorite anniversary was celebrated early on a cruise!

  28. Favorite Anniversary memory so far maybe this past one we celebrated seven years on the beach with our kids.

  29. Wow, this is one gorgeous giveaway! My fave anniversary memory was spending the day in our hometown last year 🙂

  30. I JUST celebrated my one year anniversary with my husband this past memorial day while on vacation in Florida! It was fabulous because we were with friends (who were in our wedding)! — We spent the day in St. Augustine, my cousin made us butterbeer cupcakes, we played euchre, and went on a walk along the Sanford, FL boardwalk. It was perfect 🙂

  31. All 25 of them have been memorable in their own way. Some minor, some major, but all worth celebrating.

  32. I love the birch cut-out. My favorite anniversary memory is more of a tradition. We bake a tiny cake like the top of our wedding cake and dance to our first dance song.

  33. My husband put together a scavenger hunt with riddles for my to find my gifts. We then enjoyed our favorite dinner… Variety of cheeses and some wine.

  34. On our 15th anniversary, we went to Port Townsend, Washington and stayed in a bed and breakfast. The food was excellent, the weather was great and we both had good books to read on the rocking chairs on the front porch.

  35. We’ve only had 1 anniversary so far but I loved surprising him with a mini wedding cake (same flavor) and making him a present, and I loved being surprised with a nice framed photo of the two of us!

  36. This year on my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend we had a picnic in the park. It was romantic and frugal, which was perfect for a graduate student budget!

  37. Thanks for the giveaway! Our anniversary is close to my boyfriend’s birthday, so we have a big trip later in the year. Right now we’ve fixated on Chicago.

  38. Well, since I’m not currently married, I’ll pick the 50th anniversary party we had for my in-laws. It was a blast and they loved every minute of it!

  39. We’ll be celebrating 3 years in December. So far my favorite anniversary was our “6 months of being married” anniversary when we took a vacation to Mackinaw Island (Michigan) because we didn’t have much time for a honeymoon a few months prior. (Crossing our fingers for a trip to a relaxing resort with lots of drinks with umbrellas in them for our 5th anniversary and to celebrate finishing our Masters! We’ll see!)

  40. for our 30th we went diving in Mexico and stayed in a lovely home with a garden on the outskirts of town. it was wonderful

  41. This past fall we celebrated our 5th anniversary and it was great! We stayed home and played on the floor with our 2 babies. Best Day!!

  42. I just love these wood cut outs. Again thank you for the opportunity to win.

    I am about to celebrate #18. Though we aren’t ones to go all out with holidays, our anniversary always has some cool thing that happens making each and everyone our favorite one. 🙂

  43. Our first anniversary. We were both able to take a mini-vacation and had a small anniversary cake made that matched our wedding cake. It was so special to be celebrating our first year together.

  44. We’re kinda lame for anniversaries, since it’s a week before Christmas. But one time I had back surgery on our anniversary! I think it was our third/?
    xo Becca

  45. Not sure which anniversaires are my favorite! We still have many more to come…. I love the Birch cutout!

  46. No wedding anniversary yet, but tons of ‘boyfriend/girlfriend anniversaries.. we actually don’t really celebrate – I’m sure we’ve spent most anniversaries watching a movie while eating popcorn, which, come to think of it.. is pretty sweet 🙂

  47. Is it sad that I don’t remember ANY of our anniversaries? Our lives are so busy day-to-day that they all seem to run together. Someday we’ll take a trip for our anniversary!

  48. We’re about to celebrate our 1st year and we incorporated birch trees at our northern MN wedding, so this would be a great gift!

  49. My favorite anniversary memory is our 10th anniversary where we slipped away to a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights! No T.V., no kids, just US!

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