Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Thirty One & A Sampling

I’m so happy today is Friday.  Already, it has been one of those mornings.  We’ve got guys on the roof delivering shingles, a dog and two kids who don’t want to listen, and projects to work on.  Hopefully the winner of the Thirty One bagLisa P, is having a better day.

We’ve been busy lately.  Two days ago, after sharing this bathroom mood board, I bought a sample can of Ben Moore’s Chicago Blues.

And tested it on parts of the vanity.  I like it.  Now I’ve got to caulk the seams and prod Ben to finish the top part so I can paint everything.

After cleaning out my paint brush, I load up another with polyurethane to coat a left over slab of Bubinga for the entertainment center.

Don’t worry, it won’t be this glossy.  I had finished applying the second coat just before taking this picture.

This is what it really looks like.

We chose a fast drying oil based polyurethane in a satin finish for durability.

On Wednesday night, Ben drove a few hours to pick up another load of insulation.  And he has ordered 200 more sheets, so this is about half of our order.

Eventually Ben will wrap the house with this insulation to make it more energy efficient.  Until then, we’ll have a pool room (and pool) full of foam.

What have you done this week?  Please tell me you’ve got fun plans for the weekend?

7 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Thirty One & A Sampling

  1. What kind of paint will you use on the vanity? (Like is it specific for cabinets? Or just regular wall paint?)

    1. Hi Catie,

      I plan to use regular satin wall paint. Hopefully it works, but it’s small enough that repainting shouldn’t be terrible if necessary down the road.


  2. gosh…I work in pediatrics. everyone either has or think they have pertussis. this weekend I am taking on the yard. my happy place

  3. Just finished putting in new shower doors on our 6 ft shower in the master bathroom this week as well as taking out two windows in the dining room and installing a sliding glass door. Going to get the motor home packed this weekend so we can head north to Indiana on Tuesday for my family reunion next weekend. Oh yeah, going to relax in the over 90 degree heat at a car show!

  4. Thanks Amanda! I love the color for your vanity! We are currently shopping for a bathroom vanity but have run out of funding so I’m trying to convince my husband to build one like yours…I’ll let you know!

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