A Trip to Yosemite

Over the weekend, we took a quick trip to Yosemite.  Not the national park, but the paint.  Several weeks ago, I asked for your color suggestions for our entertainment center.  I also mentioned the plan for gray walls (Wood Smoke by Glidden).  White is always the safest option for us, and I like crisp white cabinetry.  But all white seemed boring.  So I decided to paint the backs a fun color.  Of course blues and greens are my favorite, but something different would be, well, different.  After asking Ben what he thought of yellow backs, he said he didn’t mind either way.  I set ahead on my quest to find the right yellow paint.  Actually, I considered a few yellow paints for the guest bedroom so I had it narrowed to a few swatch cards.

Yosemite Yellow by Ben Moore seemed the perfect mix of yellow, gold, and slightly muted.  Still yellow, but not bright sunshiney day yellow.  Or Big Bird yellow.

Our Ace Hardware stores carry Ben Moore paint, so I grabbed a sample can while out running errands.  At home, I got to work.  First, I primed the bare wood.

Then I brushed the bold color on the backs of each cabinet shell.

Two coats of color, then I painted the rest of the insides with white satin paint and hauled them upstairs.

I hoped Ben would put them on the entertainment center if they were sitting in the living room, but they are about 1/4 inch too tall.  We’ll have to bring them down to the garage, cut each down a little, then carry the cabinets back up.

I’m glad I painted over the red, or we’d have a little ketchup and mustard action going on.  Ha.  Gray and yellow have been a hot combo for a long time, and I’m happy to add it to our house.  Getting excited to get these up, add shelves, and accessorize.

Have you been accessorizing lately?  Or painting something sunny yellow?  What is your favorite way to add color to a room?

8 thoughts on “A Trip to Yosemite

  1. That is going to look lovely! I recently painted our front door a pretty yellow color, Daffodil by Eddie Bauer. I love it with our light gray siding.

  2. I painted the backs of our built ins navy blue and I can’t wait to see how the accessories will pop against it! The yellow is lovely too.

  3. I had actually thought the Dragonfly color you used in your closet would look good on those shelves 🙂

  4. Love it! It’s very similar to my sitting room color, which is ‘hammered gold’ by behr. Finding the perfect yellow is hard, but that one is oh-so-pretty!

  5. Can’t wait to see it all put together. I love the colors. I know we’re all maybe ‘supposed’ to be over gray and yellow by now, but I can’t help loving it. In fact, I just made a big 5-7 commitment to it since I had my house painted gray and my door a bright sunshine yellow. Gray and yellow want to be together. Who are we to fight it?

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