Festive Flair

Sorry this is last-minute, but that’s how my mind works these days.  Tomorrow, we’re planning to have a small barbecue at our house.  So I’ve been brainstorming cheap and easy ways to add festive flair to the table.  Here’s a super quick rundown of what’s going on.

Traditional red, white, and blue with sparkle.  I borrowed the coral utensil caddy from the bathroom to carry the silverware and a few candles hold down the center.  Due to time constraints and little hands, I set only one place, but it shows what I had in mind.  A white vinyl place mat at the bottom with an 11 by 17 sparkler print on top to add color.  Our every day white dishes mix with everything.  We don’t have fun colored glasses, so I filled a clear glass with a cold red drink and topped it with a festive stirrer.  A napkin on the side held together with a sparkler-esque pipe cleaner ring adds more bling.

To make the drink stirrer, I cut a piece of aluminum foil into a three-inch wide strip.  Then I folded the bottom over to stiffen the base.  Cut lines, without going completely through.  Add a piece of tape to one end and wrap the foil around a bamboo skewer, securing with tape at the other end.

For each pipe cleaner napkin ring you’ll need two sticks.  First cut one cleaner into 4 pieces.  It’s better if they aren’t perfect.

Group the cut pieces together and wrap the long pipe cleaner around the bundle once.

Wrap the pipe cleaners around your napkin and twist around to secure the ends.  Fluff up the spikes and you’re done.

Add a sweet touch to dessert plates with powdered sugar.  Make a star template from paper and dust with sugar.  To add a touch of blue, I made a paper flag.  Use the flags as cute accents, place markers, or as drink stirrer.

What have you made for the 4th?  Favorite foods?  I love skewers.  What is more American than food on a stick?!?

We’re taking the day off tomorrow, but we’ll be back on Thursday.  Enjoy your day off, my fellow Americans.

4 thoughts on “Festive Flair

  1. Very nice!! The napkin ring is so simple yet so cute! Happy 4th of July to you and your family – hope you enjoy your day off!

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