June Acronym

Jazz it up:  Painting over the red wall, adding fun yellow to the back of the entertainment center, making and hanging new map art

Unzip and unearth:  Discover the possibilities of a hand stitched zipper bag and unearthing roof problems.

Never ending:  Bathroom projects; mood board planning, industrial pendants, and painting the vanity bold blue.

Enjoy the upgrades:  A new vacuum, more sun filled spaces thanks to cutting down a tree, a semi clean basement, and the beginnings of an entertainment center.

I fully intended to watch fireworks from our living room.  As it got darker, I became more excited.  Afterall, this is the first 4th in our mountain house.  At 10:30, I saw fireworks from the neighboring town.  10:30 rolled past and still no fireworks for us.  At 11:00, I laid in bed because a watched firework never starts.  And that’s where I made my mistake.  I laid in bed, waiting to hear the fireworks.  Then, I’d get up, watch, and maybe take a few pictures.  Well, I fell asleep before I heard the fireworks start and must have slept through.  Completely lame.  How was your 4th of July?  Did you stay up to watch fireworks?  Have friends and family over?

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