Primele Rubber Stamp

Back in May, I shared my Etsy favs, including a rubber stamp from Primele.  Really, everything in the shop is adorable, but the calligraphy captured my attention.  Which is why I had to make one mine.  Happily, Patricia at Primele agreed to send me a stamp to try out.  Specifically, this stamp.  Well, the stamp came in the mail a few weeks ago, and it did not disappoint.  I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and this was my first impression. 

Helllllloooooooo, adorable!  Vincent thought the crinkle paper was a blast, and the stamp care page is a nice thought.

A cute red handle means I can leave it out for daily use. 

Of course, if it doesn’t look good, it’s not worth anything, right?  So I put it to the test. 

To my surprise, it stamped so evenly and looks fantastic.  I’m sure you understand that I had to blur out our address for safety purposes, but you get an idea of what it looks like.  Mixing the hand calligraphy and the simple text is a great balance of pretty and practical.  Even better, this stamp is perfect for quickly adding our return address to regular bills.

I’m so excited to save time while adding a cute touch to all our mail. 

Bill paying has never been more fun, or cute.  As an added bonus, Primele has lovely business cards.  In fact, the pretty coral backing made its way into a frame.  Look closely and you’ll see it on the shelf above the fabric covered box.

Such a great coincidence, no?  Once we trim out the bathroom door, I plan to hang the frame to see as people walk out the door.  Is it strange to thank someone while leaving a bathroom?  Don’t know what I’m thanking them for…  Anyway, not only did I get a totally useful and pretty stamp, I got a mini piece of art in the process.  Double points! 

What do you do to make mailing things easier and possibly more fun?  Do you use a fun stamp?  Maybe you’re looking for a cute stamp to use?

7 thoughts on “Primele Rubber Stamp

  1. My husband and I ordered a custom stamp with our return address to use on our wedding invitations. We found an etsy shop that used the same font we had used on our DIY wedding invites. I loved it so much. The only downside, we’ve moved since then so I don’t get to use my pretty stamp anymore. I definitely need to order a new one.

  2. Maybe you could create a “wash your hands” sign to hang on the wall above the “thank you” sign?

  3. I love it! It took me a second (but I did figure it out before you said it :)) I was thinking- ‘that is the most odd stamp spacing!’ ha! I love that font! I may have to order from her for my etsy shop, I love my current address stamp for home, but need a business stamp. Does she just do text, or could she include a graphic? Oh, and I FINALLY painted my grey living room last night 🙂

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