Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Heart and Craft & Shower Curtains

Let’s get right down to business with the winners of the Heart and Craft giveaway

Whitney and Nicole, come on down!  I asked what you like to craft.  Obviously my weakness is anything home related.  Art?  You got it.  Sewing pillows and more?  Sure!  Lights?  Why the heck not.  Pretty much anything cheap, I’ll take a chance.  If it works, great.  If not, well, I lost five bucks and learned something.  Still a win-win. 

We’ve had a few questions about the shower curtain in our main bathroom, including one just this morning. 

Because it was a clearance find, it’s not available.  Instead, here are some of my favorite shower curtains from around the interweb. 

Herringbone from Urban Outfitters:

It’s no secret I love Target, and I found a few fun curtains there including Lino Curtain:

Honeycomb curtain

New Grid Curtain:

and Rugby Stripe:

Kate Spade does it again!  Look at this pretty Kate Spade Candy Shop Striped Curtain, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond:

Fan Coral from CB2:

Marimekko Unikko curtain from Crate and Barrel

Tali Printed Curtain from West Elm

So many fun, colorful options are out there.  Try searching ‘geometric shower curtain’ or ‘floral shower curtain’ to get more examples to see what you can find.  Oh, and don’t forget Etsy!  Where did you get your shower curtain?  Do you prefer a pattern or solid color?  Have you made a shower curtain?  It’s surprisingly simple.  Try using a flat bed sheet.  Then you can add grommets to the top or use regular curtain clips to hold it up.

7 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway Winner: Heart and Craft & Shower Curtains

  1. That Kate Spade one is to die for! It is so sad that shower curtains are so far down on my list right now. I mean. We have lived in our home over a year and we are still just using a liner in our master bath. OUR MASTER BATH! What is wrong with me?

  2. I adore that rugby stripe one from Target! I need a new shower curtain for our guest room, but I need something extra long because I want to hang it at the ceiling, and I haven’t found one I love yet.

  3. I love that Kate Spade one! I got my guest bathroom’s shower curtain at West Elm (Organic Chevron one – like their popular bedding) and I got my master bathroom’s shower curtain (white waffle weave) at Target!

  4. I made a shower curtain for our recent bathroom remodel, but took the long route by sewing fabric together rather than using a sheet. That probably would have been much easier! Luckily, I love how mine turned out, so it was worth it in the end!

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