Ikea’s Greatest Hits

And now for a little surprise.  They boys and I are in Minnesota!  We made an impromptu road trip east to spend time with my family.  If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve seen glimpses of our vacation, including a day at the lake spent hunting down tiny shells, a visit to a petting zoo, and a ride in a fire truck.

Of course, we have our must stop places, including Ikea.  I figured, “Why not share some of my favorite finds because I can’t take ’em all home with me?”  So, that’s what I’m doing.  But I forgot my real camera. Instead, I have crappy iPhone pictures to share, but you get the idea.

Glossy gray finish + long, sleek shape = perfect desk/sofa table.

For 30 bucks, I loved the industrial shape and finish of this pendant.  But I don’t know why the clips are brass?

Metal chairs like these or these could work well indoors or out.  Add a pillow to the arm-chair for small-scale living room seating or pull a few up to a dining table.

Of course Ikea is a great place to find bold, affordable rugs.  I couldn’t find a link to this striped rug, but for $15, it could add drama to a kitchen, hall, or bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom rugs, I seriously considered taking this one home with me.  After debating with myself, I decided to leave it behind because I didn’t want too much pattern competition in the bathroom.

I guess I’ve been on a stripe kick lately, because I these towels caught my eye.  At fifteen bucks each, I couldn’t bring myself to add it to the cart.

I need throw blankets like I need a hole in my head, but the colors of this are great.

However, I couldn’t resist getting a yard of fabric.  The one I got is in the picture.  Any guesses which one?

These woven planters are cute and versatile.  Use as a planter, on a desk top to corral pens, in a bathroom for soaps or towels, in a kitchen to hold utensils.  Whatever tickles your pickle.

For the main bathroom, I’d like to find or make a cute clothes hamper.  Though this planter was too wide for our small linen closet, I think it could work well in another space.

Love the design of this rug, but I don’t have much pink in our house…

Now that we’ve got a new house with plenty of ugly light fixtures, I had a new appreciation for lighting.  Especially this one with a simple shape.

And this large fabric shade.

So many good, new things lately.  And those were the ones I didn’t buy!  What’s your favorite recent Ikea purchase?  Do you have a favorite Ikea department?  Maybe you’ve hacked an Ikea piece?  Share your favorites!

11 thoughts on “Ikea’s Greatest Hits

  1. We just went to Ikea this weekend and for the first time in a while, didn’t get anything. It’s just around the corner (sorry we’re spoiled) so I try not to feel pressure to buy. I did this nightstand hack a few months ago!
    We have a lot of Ikea stuff (our couch, rugs, pictures, etc) so I try to mix in antiques and unique items so it doesn’t look like the showroom. Though our’s isn’t quite that nicely organized!

  2. Love IKEA! Too bad the closest one to us is 2 hours away 😦

    My favorite IKEA find is a tufted Klippan club chair that I found in the as-is section for $195! It was the display model but it’s in perfect condition and it’s sooo comfy 🙂

  3. I love IKEA, but its 3 hours away! It opened about 1.5-2 years ago I think, and I have not been there. One day soon – well, as soon as I find a job!

  4. they have some killer stuff right now, making it really hard to walk away without a ton of stuff not on the list! And the bad part… my Ikea is five minutes away… SCARY!

    PS- I bought more bird stuff for our house… eek! I might have to re-do my bird count!

  5. I just went to Ikea the other day. I didn’t see that black and white striped rug (without the pink and blue) or those towels! Although they had a cute black and white striped drapery panel. I went on a Sunday and the place was a mad house. I really need to go on like a Tuesday at 2:00 pm so I can see everything without elbowing my way around. Can’t wait to see what you came home with.

  6. I just came to your website from Young House Love (I’ve come here before though) to check out all the new Ikea stuff you saw! I’m only around 35 minutes away so making a trip isn’t too difficult, but it’s fun to see what certain people point out. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the fabric area so now I must check that out!

    A few tips for your iphone pictures in case you haven’t tried them: always tap on the screen to focus – tapping in different areas will also adjust the light so try different areas to see what makes it focus on the image best. I also love using the HDR option because you never know how the light is going to come out in a photo and this gives you two options to choose from – the regular, or the high def.

    1. Hey Kristin!

      Oh yeah, the Ikea fabric section is so fun, definitely check it out next time you’re there. 🙂

      I had NO CLUE about the lighting adjustment! That makes a WORLD of difference. I have the iPhone 3, does that have the HDR option? I didn’t see it, but I’m fairly clueless when it comes to this phone. Ha.

      Thanks for the tips!

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