Blue Bench Pillows

Before heading out to Minnesota, I made a stop at Joann’s just to see if there was anything I should know about.  Luckily, our Joann is liquidating their stock because they’re moving stores soon.  So, I stocked up.  Because hoarding fabric is fine, but hoarding cheap fabric is even better, right?  I got a few quilting weight fabrics, a mustard yellow vinyl, a few zippers, and a fun blue geometric print. 

Because the blue was the heaviest, I decided to use it for outdoor pillows.  Ten or so minutes later, following this method, I had two new pillows for our bench. 

Along with the blue, I bought a tangerine floral print, but I’m concerned about using the quilting fabric outside.  The original pillows are still there. 

Certainly, it’s a small change, but I’m liking the new color.  I’m still hoping to add a contrasting color, like orange. 

What’s your favorite orange fabric?  Or your favorite patterned fabric?  Do you lean toward geometric patterns or floral prints?

4 thoughts on “Blue Bench Pillows

  1. Love the different patterns together and I LOVE orange; my favorite color but so hard to put in my house. Cannot wait for you to show me how.

  2. I love the pillows! Orange would be great with the colors you have. I’m thinking about having a love seat recovered for my kitchen with orange in the material. Will have to see what material I can come up with.

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