Etsy Favs: July

Time for another round of Etsy favs!  I’m busy helping my sister with alittle project, so let’s get down to business.

Phone chargers can be ugly.  If you leave yours out in the open, check out this discreet iPhone charger from Rich Neeley Designs.

I imagine a few of these Hanging Test Tube Vases by Pigeon Toe Ceramics along a wall or in front of a small window.

Keep these Twig Crayons from What’s New on the Mantle out for kids (and adults!) to play with.

Hardware is jewelry for furniture and cabinets.  And these Gemstone Rock Knobs by The Hob Knobery sure do sparkle.

What’s your sign?  Show it off with one of these Zodiac Necklaces by It Must be Nice to be a Bird.

Me Longings has so many fantastic pillows, including this Indigo and Beige Hand Printed Pillow.  I’d be fine having one of each in my house.

Along with the nautical navy, I think this Cotton Nautical Rope Mat from Karen’s Rope Work would be a fun bath mat for our main bathroom.

What’s new on your favorite list?  Which of these items floats your boat?


4 thoughts on “Etsy Favs: July

  1. I really like the test tube vases, but I LOVE those twig crayons. Even though I don’t have kids, if I could spend the money I’d but them = )

    ~ L.

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