Good Goods

I’ll be honest, when I’m back in Minnesota, I like to visit with friends and family.  But I also like to do the things we can’t do in Montana.  Namely, shopping at Ikea and Home Goods.  My sister had to make an Ikea trip, so the boys and I tagged along.  I set a mission for myself to only buy things I needed or already planned to get.  The list included bath towels, chairs for the boys, organizational items, and possibly curtains.  Surprisingly, I stuck (mostly) to the list.  I bought two of these bath towels, but I wish I had gotten two more after hanging each on a hook.

I’m very pleased with the color, and the loop on top is a nice feature, and for $4.99 each, I’m happy.  Just wish I got two more to look a little more full.  Oh, I got antsy and hung the thank you business card that came with my Primele stamp, too.

In the curtain area, I added a set of Vivan curtains to the cart.  For the interim, I think we’ll hang these in the living room to block light while watching tv.  Once I figure out a plan for the living and dining room, I plan to put these in the guest bedroom.  Of course, I was near the fabric, so I got a yard of wide green stripe canvas-y material.

Then, in the planter department, I spotted cute metal floral buckets, on sale for 99 cents each.  I grabbed two to add inside the coral stripe box for feminine items.

V and E love to sit at their little table, a Lack table we’ve had for a while.  But for the past year, we’ve only had one little chair.  I saw the Latt table and chair set for $19.99 and decided the chairs would be great.  After a quick assembly, the boys have enjoyed their own space, perfect for coloring or snacking.

And that’s when I made an impulse purchase.  While waiting for my sister, we strolled into the As Is section and I spotted a 15 inch Foto pendant for ten bucks.

I haven’t decided if it will go in the boys bedroom or the hall, but I just couldn’t resist.

Just a few days before leaving, I got a chance to meet up with my pal Jen for some girl and shopping time.  Mostly, we talked and looked around.  However, I did find two things that came home with me.  How cute is this little ten-dollar mirror?  It’s double-sided, with a normal and close up mirror.

And it looks adorable on the bathroom shelf.

I’ve been on the hunt for a clothes hamper to fit in the bottom of the closet, but haven’t had luck because the closet is narrow.  When I saw this basket, I knew it wouldn’t work for clothes, but it sure would for holding toilet paper.  I really like keeping necessities in view so our guests don’t have to rummage through the bathroom to find what they’re looking for.  Though I’m not crazy about the color, its sturdy, the perfect size for the vanity, and cost $10.

At some point, I’ll paint the basket.  Maybe gray.  Or coral.  Even simple white.  We’ll see, but I’m always happy to have better storage.

How about you; are you good at sticking to your list?  Or do you make impulse purchases?  What’s your favorite home store to shop at?  I wish Montana had an Ikea or a Home Goods.

9 thoughts on “Good Goods

  1. love ikea towels – inexpensive yet durable!
    my 21-month-old son also has that table/chairs set and loves it – but insists on sitting in the chair when we read books now 😦 i guess he is already too cool to sit on mommy’s lap. 😦
    despite living 15 minutes from an ikea, i haven’t been in months! i’m actually planning a trip there tomorrow to see if i can grab some track lighting for our hallway. we have a fugly boob light there now and i’ve been wanting to replace it with track lighting to highlight some pics we have hanging there!
    enjoy your finds!

  2. I have a bunch of those Home Goods wire baskets, I love em. Sometimes different HG’s have different colors. Also, as a hook hanger for towels, I find they get difficult to dry depending on how many are hung up. So hopefully that will help assuage your regret over only getting two!

  3. A Home Goods just opened a few months ago about 10 minutes from my house. When I need some alone time, I find my car just drives itself over there. I leave there empty handed a lot of the time, but it is nice to go and wander around and get ideas. I love your pendant light by the way. I love the AS IS section at IKEA. That is where we found our kitchen table.

  4. Great finds! I’ve always wondered about the quality of IKEA’s towels so I’m glad to hear that you like them!

    My favorite store hands down is HomeGoods. I go there so often that half of the staff knows me by name! I think a HomeGoods Anonymous meeting is in order haha

  5. Dear Ikea- Please come to Montana. Thank you.

    I’ve never shopped HomeGoods but it sounds amazing…..

    Heavy sigh. Montana is *almost* the perfect place to live.

    1. Hey Homestead!

      I’m hoping we’ll get an Ikea. Seriously, we NEED one. And, you should go to a HomeGoods while visiting another state. Montana definitely could use a few more good stores, but I’m usually happy with Target, TJ Maxx, and World Market.


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