Finding Our Center

While the boys and I relaxed, played, ate, and shopped, Ben was still working his butt off at/on our house.  In fact, he finished the shingling on the house roof, with only the pool roof left.  While he was up there, he started determining the placement of the Sky Tube.  If you’re not familiar with a Sky Tube, it’s a small, round sky light, similarly installed like a vent.  Ben installed one in the windowless main bathroom at our first house and we loved how much brighter it made the room.

The main bathroom in the Mountain house is windowless, and very dark.  As fate would have it, Ben was looking at Craigslist for insulation and found a 14 inch wide, brand spanking new in the box Sky Tube.

But, let’s go back to our recent Sky Tube conversation.  First, take a look at the bathroom as it now stands.

Before leaving for Minnesota, Ben and I discussed the placement of the Sky Tube.  I thought centering it on the 8 foot by 8 foot room would spread the light around the best, like this:

He agreed and that was settled, right?  Wrong.  While away, Ben installed the roof part of the Sky Tube, and decided he preferred it centered on the bath tub, like it was at our first house, which would look like this:

And like this from the door:

Either placement is fine with what Ben has already done on the roof.  The flexible duct work can move to either place.  I see where he’s coming from, because when centered on the room, the Sky Tube doesn’t look centered on anything. With the shower curtain closed, the shower is slightly darker than I’d like.  And it would be nice to have the additional natural light in there, so maybe centering it over the shower is the best placement?

Really, the placement is only a few feet apart, so it’s not the biggest deal.  But I’m wondering, which do you prefer?  Centered on the room? Or over the bath tub?

Other than a small hole to mark the location for Ben to find in the attic, we haven’t done anything in the bathroom for it yet.

So that’s the latest debate.  What have you been debating over recently?  Which rug to buy?  Where to hang something?  Let’s share so everyone can vent and feel better.

42 thoughts on “Finding Our Center

  1. Thinking from the in-the-shower perspective (with the curtain drawn) I think you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck with the skylight centered over the tub.

  2. I vote for over the tub. It looks like it has more purpose there, versus floating in the centre of the room.

    I can’t wait to see the final bathroom reveal! And, your roof! What a job!

  3. I vote for over the tub. It looks like it has more purpose there, versus floating in the centre of the room.

    I can’t wait to see the final bathroom reveal! And, your roof! What a job!


  4. I would have to go with over the tub as well. It doesn’t look right centered in the room because of all of the angles of everything else and this would give you more light when showering. I would be afraid that when u are showering, without the light above, it would be cavelike in the shower… Hopefully that makes sense and helps in some way 🙂

  5. When I first started reading your post I thought centered in the room was best – balance, I’m a Libra! After seeing the tube over the tub I think that the second placement is better. We centered our sky tube in the ceiling of our kitchen BEFORE our cabinets were in and now that we have cabinets it looks off center!

    Centered on the tub makes it look like it serves a purpose. However, how much do you think the shower curtain will block that extra light? Will you have to change to sheer curtain?

    1. Hey Catie,

      I think because our shower curtain is a foot or two from the ceiling, everything should be fine. At least that’s my hope. I guess we’ll just have to try it out to see. Ha.


  6. Over the tub – I agree with Catie. I think the shower curtain will block any light it gives when you are showering.

  7. I think it looks better centered in the room…. it’s more symmetrical. Over the tub looks off balance and won’t do much to light up the dark toilet stall.

    1. Hi Emily!

      We usually leave the shower curtain open when not in use. So, if centered over the tub, it would still let the light into the rest of the room…


  8. Personally, I would want it centered in the room so that I could get as much natural light as possible while doing my makeup.

  9. Could it be centered over the shower rid so that both the shower and the room receive light? If it’s in the shower then the rest of the room will still be dark with the curtain closed. If it’s in the room then the shower us dark. Putting it over the rod could give the whole room much needed light.

    1. Hi Angel,

      Yep, that’s what we would do for it to allow as much light as possible throughout the bathroom, especially the tub. Thanks for reminding me!


  10. Are there any more overhead lights in there? It just looks dark but I’m not sure for pictures. We have only one window in each bathroom, in one it is in the shower (awkward but solved with window spray) and the other is in the room. I like the shower window one better because the other lights are bright enough to light up the bathroom. However, your’s looks much darker so I would vote for ceiling. Unless there are more lights and then shower.

    1. Hey Nora,

      Nope, no overhead lights, just the fan that was there originally. Because this room is windowless, it really is hard to take accurate photos. Most of the room isn’t dark, just the shower with the navy curtain closed.


  11. I’m torn. I like the idea of the extra light in the shower, but then I wonder how much more light it really will be if we’re only talking about a couple of feet difference. I think the toilet nook looks awfully dark and centering the tube could go a long way to improve the light throughout the whole space. Maybe take a look at some bathroom inspiration pictures and see where they place traditional lights/chandeliers. For now, my vote is centered in the room.

  12. I vote over the tub. I think your shower curtain looks low enough that the light is still going to disperse into the rest of the room also, but over the tub the placement looks more intentional.

  13. I vote for over the tub, but agree with the other readers that think the space still feels very dark. Have y’all considered installing ceiling light fixture in addition to the tube? Especially since at night when the Sky Tube won’t be any help…

  14. I am with Angel….can you put it right over the shower curtain rod? We did that with light fixtures in our previous home bathrooms so the light could be used in and out of the shower both when curtain was closed.

    1. Hey Katie!

      Yep, we plan to center it width wise over the tub and then center it over the edge of the tub so it lets light in the rest of the room. Thanks for reminding me!


  15. I vote for over the tub, because centered in the room it just looks kind of random. HOWEVER — that little nook with the toilet is awfully dark. Is there any way to install a light over there? Maybe a cute wall sconce?

    1. Hi Andrea,

      You know, in person, the toilet area isn’t dark. It sits directly across from the sink with pendants, but pictures are hard in this small space. But I do think a wall sconce would be cute. We’ll have to see how it feels during the winter months.


      1. Given what you have said in the comments about the toilet nook being lit by the sconces at the sink, and the fact that it’s only really dark in the shower with the curtain closed, I would recommend centering it over the tub. The placement looks much more intentional that way, and since it will solve the actual problem better, that seems best. If you had needed more light in the toilet area, then the decision would be harder, and neither placement would give better light for doing makeup, etc. since it will be behind your head either way. So it sounds like it all comes down to illuminating the shower and visual balance of the placement, which both seem to point to centering relative to the tub.

  16. How often do you or your guests shower or bathe when the sun is shinning? How often do you use the room for other purposes during the day? Will there be another ceiling light or fan installed somewhere? I vote for centering the solar tube it in the center of the room and installing a light in the shower area. That way you will have the option of additional lighting in the room at night or on dark days when the tube becomes a black hole and someone needs to shower or bathe. 🙂

    1. Hey Nancy!

      Well, during the summer, quite often. This is the bathroom closest to the living spaces, so it is used frequently. We don’t have plans to install another light or fan because it just looks odd in the space. We’ll have to see how it goes.


    1. Looks like most of you think over the tub. Ben will be happy you agree with him. 😉


      1. Hi Amanda, I was just about to reply over the tub, just in case you weren’t yet convinced, but you beat me to it. I agree with others’ comments and wanted to add that if you installed in the tub, and the toilet nook is still dark, then you can add something there without the two looking like they are competing.

  17. I vote for over the tub – it looks to me like it’ll still spread some light into the room, and I can’t stand showering in the dark!!

  18. I vote for centered over the tub. I love how the bathroom is coming along!! It’s absolutely gorgeous and with so many touches of personality! I have been trying to find a place that you reference the tile you chose in the tub surround and cannot find it. I love it and would love to know where you found it!

  19. How about two of them? One over the tub, and one over the toilet area? The tub one could be larger, the toilet one smaller.

  20. I think I like it over the shower much better, but that it might look even better if it was out/away from the shower just a bit more (a few inches). Either way, the natural light is sure to make a huge improvement to the room. 🙂

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