A {New} Roof Over Our Heads

Almost two months after starting the process, Ben and Handy Sammy have finished the roof.  Whew, that’s a relief.  It was a long, hot, sweaty process and I know we’re all thankful to have it behind us.  Take a look back at what we started with:

Cedar shakes and an odd solar panel hut which caused the roof to leak.  Not a good look.  I won’t get into the whole re-roofing process (partly because I don’t know every step of it, fortunately Ben does) but it took a lot of time and effort.  Working on the house part was easier, but the eight skylights in the pool room caused a few headaches.  For the two larger skylights, Ben and Sammy had to build their own step flashing.  Boo to that.  So here they are, on their last day of roofing.

In the home stretch, the boys had high spirits, striking Olympic athlete poses in the process.

Back off, ladies.  He’s all mine.  Haha.  But here’s the roof now, looking sleek and finished.

After talking with his roofing supply friend, Ben decided to use Pabco Premier architectural shingles in Pewter Gray.

A new ridge vent allows maximum attic ventilation without ugly vent holes.  Not that it matters much, because most of the roof isn’t visible unless you’ve climbed up our back yard…

The house looks sleek and modern.  Ben plans to paint the vent pipes to blend with the roof, too.

Next up, digging up the back yard to prepare for new windows and siding.  Windows are on order and should arrive in about two weeks.  Can’t wait to get that party started.

What projects have you just wrapped up?  Something outside, like a roof?  Landscaping?  Let’s celebrate our newly finished projects.

15 thoughts on “A {New} Roof Over Our Heads

  1. Amanda, Your roof looks wonderful! Your husband and helper did a great job. I’m amazed at how much you accomplish with your home improvements.

  2. Wow! Seriously, wow! You are so lucky Ben and Handy Sammy were able to do that job and save all that money AND it looks great. You guys are doing such a great job fixing this house up! And i just LOVE all your views – gorgeous!

  3. Love it! I like the dark color a lot! I can’t wait to see the pool room once it’s done (or more done). If they ever feel like coming to MA and doing my roof, we need it. My BF is afraid of heights so unfortunately we’re going to have to hire it out. I figure the medical bills of a potential fall would subtract from any savings. :/

  4. The new roof looks great!! It does make the house look sleek!! My husband and I just finished breaking our backs putting in a septic system. We figured we saved about the same as you because of doing the project ourselves. Yay for finished projects!!!!

  5. Holy cow! The new roof looks so great! You’re so lucky to have a handy husband and friend 🙂

    I just wrapped up DIYing some bar pendants for $18! I didn’t save $14,000 like you did but I didn’t have to shell out $250 for new lights so I’m happy 🙂

  6. Handy husbands are priceless. We are DIYing a good chunk of our farmhouse renovation. It is so much work but the money you save makes it worth it. I love how your house sits in the landscape, what a great piece of property.

  7. Why does the back yard get dug up for new windows and siding? I can’t imagine it will be fun, but at least rewarding in the end.

    1. Hi Lara!

      That’s a great question. The fill around our house is too high around the foundation, so Ben wants to take out some of the sand. This has to be done before adding siding so he can side as far down as possible. Does that make more sense? I plan to explain more when we get to that point. 🙂


  8. It looks fabulous! I’m in awe of how much DIY you and your husband undertake. So inspiring! Can’t wait to see the new siding an windows reveal 🙂

  9. I’m actually responding to the help for taking your wallpaper adhesive off! I JUST had to do the same thing in our son’s room for a hideous border and couldn’t believe how well the product we have worked. It’s called Solumel and comes from an awesome wellness company called Melaleuca. Would love to share! You’d be blown away as a do-it-yourselfer and thankful (as a mom) for what they offer.

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