Green = Green: Norwex Cleaning

Shortly after returning from Minnesota, a lovely reader, Sarah, sent me a set of Norwex Enviro and Window cloths.  After hearing Sarah’s description, I knew Norwex was something I had to try.  After all, a product that can quickly clean, leaving a streak free shine using only a microfiber cloth and water sounds too good to pass up.

I opened the package the day I got home, and my mom (who drove back with me) saw them and started cleaning our appliances and glass.  Apparently she had a set and loved them.  Here’s a look at the cloths.  I appreciate that they’re labeled.

Getting mirrors and glass clean without leaving streaks and fuzzies has always eluded me.  So that’s where I started, with the main bathroom mirror.

I don’t know what caused that, but it wasn’t looking good.  After wetting the blue cloth, wiping the mirror, and polishing with the purple cloth, the mirror was clean, and lint free!

Okay, so the mirror is clean, but what about the water spotted chrome faucet?

Worked like a charm, with minimal scrubbing and no chemical cleaners.

That’s when I wandered around the house looking for things to clean.  Hmm, what about the streaked, finger printed dishwasher?

There’s an app rag for that.

I like it.  What’s not to like?  No cleaner, good.  No smell, good.  Clean appliances, goooood.

I bet Joey (and Monica!) would love Norwex, too.

Have you tried Norwex?  What’s your favorite green cleaner?

34 thoughts on “Green = Green: Norwex Cleaning

  1. I recently got a new kitchen, with granite (black speckled with a dark brown) counters. THEY ARE A REAL PAIN to keep clean. The men who installed them said “NO vinegar, NO Windex, NO anything but soap and water! THAT equals one time with the hot water and soap, then rinsing and then polishing – I’ve been using a small chamois-type cloth. I read someplace that a bit of isoprophol alcohol and water in a spray bottle and then rub down works, but I haven’t asked “the guy” yet :))
    So, at the moment, I have no favorites!

    1. Hi Kate!

      Oh man, that’s a pain! I bet these Norwex cloths would work wonderfully for your granite. Pretty much anything with a sheen is great. 🙂


  2. I clean my bathroom the same way – but I use a regular wash cloth – no fancy cloths. A little elbow grease goes a long way!

  3. I use microfiber clothes for cleaning all mirrors/windows with just water; 1 wet 1 dry. No fancy ones needed I bought a big pack a long time ago they launder great and hold up no problem.

    1. Oh yeah, I love Method, too. I’ve been using the laundry soap recently and it’s fantastic. Love them smell, too.


  4. Norwex is great! The only issue I’ve run into is after a year or so of use it starts to retain “smell” easier so I find myself washing them more often. Which isn’t really an issue, just stinky after a use or two around the kitchen (definitely has to do with our water though, our towels get the same way). I recommend the Cleaning Paste – I use that ALL. THE. TIME. on our stovetop (electric) and it looks brand new still. It also helped greatly when cleaning 10 years worth of scum in the bathrooms and kitchen when we moved and it appeared the previous owners had never cleaned.

    (I do not sell Norwex nor am I endorsed by them in any way, just aboslutely a fan of their products! Mom-to-Mom kind of thing!)

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      Ha, that’s awesome. I’d love to try out more of their products because Ben and I both like these. 🙂


    2. LOVE the cleaning paste! Keeps our ceramic top stove sparkly. I also really like their laundry powder. Only need to use one teaspoon for a front loader which means a $26 bag lasts me easily 6 months or more

    3. A deep clean of your Norwex cloths might help with the smell. If you suspect the water hardness, use distilled water for this. Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove top, turn it off. Stir in about a half tsp. of Ultra Power Plus Laundry Soap (UPP – Norwex, no fillers) or if you don’t have that, try some vinegar. Stir in the cloths, put the lid on, stir a couple of times, go to bed. Next morning, rinse cloths (water may be black), repeat if you think the water was super dirty. Hope that helps! Yes, I am a consultant, but only because I LOVE cleaning without chemicals.

  5. I LOVE Norwex. I have the regular cloths and the dust mitt and the window/glass cloths. Love how they clean mirrors and windows and stainless steel. They are my favorite. Haven’t tried anything else from them yet. The only thing I need to be careful is you can’t throw them in the laundry with your other towels because it ruins them. I did that with one cloth and it doesn’t work as well now. So now I just wash them by themselves in a quick cycle.

    1. Hi Rachael,

      Yeah, Sarah told me to wash with other lint free items. Gotta remember that. 🙂


  6. I use melaleuca. It’s kind of expensive every month however, I think it’s worth it. I spray my counters at least 10 times a day and before I switched I was using pine sol and 409. Now I’m obsessively cleaning safely 🙂

    1. Hi Frances,

      Ha, I literally laughed at your comment. I’m not really a fan of the smell of 409. Glad you’ve made the switch to something safer. Haha.


    1. Hey Andrea!

      Isn’t that one amazing?! I was apprehensive when I wiped the mirror with the blue one, but the polishing cloth got it perfectly clean and streak free. Amazing.


  7. Norwex is AMAZING!! I have the purple cloth and a green kitchen cloth.

    If you have a norwex party…the rep does a whole science experiment with raw chicken…yes…raw gross chicken….wipes some raz chicken on a counter top…swabs it with a science swab…it shows that it test positive for salmonella….then she wipes a damp norwex cloth over the raz chicken….swabs again, with a new swab and it comes back CLEAN…PLUS…’s proven that the cloths don’t cross-contaminate!!

    Amazing hey!! I haven’t bought lysol wipes in MONTHS…these cloths have already paid for themselves : ) Their the best thing EVER and I LOVE CLEANING!!

    Also…something to check out: the blue dusting mitt……I have mostly dark furniture and NOTHING dusts as well as that cloth….it blows my cleaning mind : )

    Happy cleaning!!

    Daily, faithful reader, Melissa.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Ha, that’s a cool demonstration, but did the rep bring the chicken or did you have to provide it? Haha, just kidding. Off to check out the dusting mitt because this house gets crazy dusty insanely quick. 🙂


    2. Just wanted to point out the swab test is for testing protein. The test for salmonella wouldn’t work at a party because of the time factor. Here’s how I show it: first, I rub raw egg or chicken on the surface, then swab it, obviously positive for protein (turns purple). Then I take an envirocloth (used already to get butter off mirror and stains out of carpet) and swipe it once and then swipe another part of the counter without folding. Then, I take a new swab and test both areas for protein and show that it is negative. The cloths clean so well because of the split (1/200 the thickness of a human hair) of the fiber and the weave. The silver based agent imbedded in the cloth purifies it within a 24 hour period. Thanks!

  8. It cleans stainless!? I love that! I currently use pledge for less than stellar results and that leaves a very slippery floor behind if you spray too much.

  9. Don’t ever let fabric softener near your Norwex cloths. They will never be the same. I hand wash mine in the kitchen sink with Dawn, rinse throughly and air dry. Best product EVER!!

  10. I LOVE Norwex cloths! I cleaned my sunroom windows today and realized again why they are so awesome!! No streaks and no chemical!

  11. Love my Norwex! The consultant wiped butter on a window before she cleaned it and had me sold as soon as I saw how quick and easy it was and how great the windows looked! I now use the “Bert and Ernie”, dust mitt, the shower scrubber and the laundry detergent. LOVE it all!

  12. I love my Shaklee microfiber cleaning cloths, but am totally interested in Norwex now, too! I wonder how their cleaning paste and Shaklee’s scour off compare? I love a good cleaning demonstration!

  13. I LOVE hearing the “Norwex love”!! Makes my job super-rewarding! Thanks so much for sharing about the products, Amanda.
    There are some great tips from people here, too (eg: No fabric softener, wash with lint-free items, boiling – though my favorite and most effective tip for deep-cleaning the cloths is soaking them overnight in a pail of hot water and a scoop of our detergent – works like a charm if you’ve got build-up or smells from dirt/residues).
    Oh, and Holly – you got it!! Just some water and your cloths and you’re good to go 🙂

  14. OMG this is like the best thing I’ve heard all day! That’s amazing–I have to get one! 🙂 I always hate streaky mirrors especially.


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