Dog Days of Invitations

We’ve got two upcoming events that I made invitations for.  A dog themed party for V, per his request.  Specifically, a Jack party.  Right when he said that, I thought of Kim’s adorable Pet Shop paintings.

I spotted this adorable Husky Print that looks just like Jack.  It was perfect.

So I emailed Kim begging asking her if I could pretty please with a cherry on top use this painting for the invitation design.  Luckily, Kim is fantastic and said I could use the image, so long as I don’t use it on anything else.  Not a problem.  So, I saved the image and opened it in Photoshop.  Wanting a white background, I right clicked on the eraser tool.  Right clicking brings up the options.  Click on the Magic Eraser Tool.

Then click an area of the background.  This handy little tool picks out any of the same colors, and erases it.  Seriously, this Magic Eraser is just as handy as the Mr. Clean version.  And really magic.

A small area between the front legs didn’t go with it, so I clicked again and gone.  After a transfer to my invite, I had an adorable design.
Because we’ve been so busy working on the house, I’ve really slacked in the birthday decoration department.  We’ll have a small celebration at our house on Friday, and another larger party with my family in Minnesota a few weeks from now.  What are we doing in Minnesota?  Going to my sister’s wedding, which I also created invitations for.  My sister has a modern aesthetic (we’ve shared her stair bookcase) so something clean and simple was in order.  The invitation is 5 by 7, focusing on the text.

For a dose of fun, we added diagonal stripes on the backs.  The wedding is small, so I also made pretty wrap around address labels.

These invites are one of my favorite designs yet.  V loves his dog invitation.  And Ashley loves her wedding invites.  Which makes me a happy camper.  I aim to please.

What do you think of the designs?  Do you like simple designs?  Or something more decorated?  What did you do over the weekend?

7 thoughts on “Dog Days of Invitations

  1. You are soooo creative! I LOVE both designs and understand why Vincent and Ashley are thrilled with their invites! Have a wonderful time at your celebrations.

  2. I love both of the invites! Ashley’s wedding invites are great, and exactly what I would expect to see with her design plans and your creativity. They are great!

    1. Hey Kathy!

      Thanks! We were actually planning to make puppy chow. Great minds think alike! 🙂


  3. Once you design your invites, do you print them yourself? Vista print? I’d love to know. I designed my own holiday cards last year an found a great deal with uprinting. Though I printed my wedding invites at home. I plan to do this a lot more so any suggestions/ideas would be great!

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