Show Your…

Colors.  Did you think I wanted to see something else?  Pervert.  Just kidding.  But really, show your colors.  My Colortopia is back with a new tool, Show Your Colors, to let you show off your hard work.  Or if you’re looking to paint a room, gain inspiration (and colors) from other rooms.  I always say, paint is the quickest and cheapest way to change-up, add drama, lighten up, or add personality to a room.

Remember the bright red accent wall in our living room?  Yeah, that was too much personality, and not ours.

Less than a gallon of gray paint and a few hours really lightened up and changed the room.

Painting our entertainment center a dark, moody gray added some drama.  Trying out a golden yellow color was a fun way to add personality, but it wasn’t dark enough.

Keeping it dark and simple worked best here.

But in our windowless main bathroom, lightening up was the main goal.

The dark wood paneling and dingy beige paint sucked the light out of the room.  After a full remodel, adding a shower, a linen closet, and changing every surface, time to paint.  Bright white for the trim work and a light gray for the walls for a light, airy but still modern look.

A little personality goes a long way, so a blue painted vanity is a fun touch, although it’s not finished yet.

Now go over to My ColortopiaShow Your Colors, and upload before and afters of your recent paint projects!

What room(s) have you painted recently?  Or are in the process of painting?  Did you go with a lighter color?  Or choose a dark, moody color?

I have been sponsored by Glidden® brand paint to write this post, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  

8 thoughts on “Show Your…

  1. Amada, Jen from Forest Lake, MN. What color is the gray in your living room? In MN all the trim is natural wood. I’d love to paint it white but all our trim is Maple so my husband might have a heart attack if I paint it. I was looking at the trim in your new place and it looks like this color my go well with natural wood. Just curious 🙂

    1. Hi Jen!

      Yep, Wood Smoke by Glidden. Love the color and it should look nice with maple trim. 🙂

      Good luck!

  2. Right before having the babe, I finally got a bunch of painting projects done, all to cover the beige color we had the builder paint EVERYTHING -in our kitchen/dining it was Behr’s Fashion Grey, in the living room and hall it was Behr’s perfect taupe and in the nursery Behr’s Wheat bread-it was my own little 59 shades of grey 🙂

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