It’s, It’s a Birthday Blitz

We celebrated V’s birthday with a bash on Friday.

He asked for a dog party, I wanted to make something he’s love, but I limited myself to not spend a dime on decorations.  It’s nothing crazy, but here’s what we had.  Scalloped paper banner I made for his 3rd birthday party, a flat twin bed sheet turned table-cloth, and a few special dog creations.

A paper banner and framed husky silhouette decorate the boring (hole filled) wall.

To make the banner, I simply typed out Happy Birthday Vincent in Photoshop.  I’m obsessed with the Arvil font lately, which I also used on his invitation.  And the condensed style fit three letters per sheet at 815 point font.  After arranging three letters per page, I merged the visible layers, then flipped horizontally.  Using scissors, I cut out each letter, then poked holes at the tops to string embroidery floss through.

Stars separate the words and dog silhouettes at the ends match the party theme.  But next year I can pull the dogs off (I didn’t knot the ends) and swap ’em for something matching next year’s theme.  For another decorative element (to take attention off the holes), I traced a husky silhouette on a large piece of white roll paper I have in the basement.  Popped into a large frame I had hiding under the guest bed, it’s a fun, simple decoration.

After taking down party decorations, I took down a map poster and hung this big dog above the boys’ kitchen.

For food, I planned to have hot dogs (to tie in with the dog theme), chips, grapes, sweet potato fries, bread, and V’s favorite cheese.  Well, Ben saw pork ribs were cheaper than hot dogs (go figure!) and bought that instead.  Oh well, our guests liked it.

So our desserts consisted of puppy chow and dog cupcakes.

I saw these cute and easy cupcakes and knew it would work for us.  No special tools or tricks, just cookies and candy.

Because I was in a hurry buying ingredients, I forgot to buy black icing.  So I improvised and used a dot of frosting with black sprinkles for the pupils.

A little something I learned: don’t put the cookies on the day before the party and cover your dish with foil.  Trapped moisture will weaken your cookies, breaking in half.  Super simple party and we all had fun.  Check out last year’s rainbow themed party, too.

What do you think of the party decorations?  What type of parties have your kiddos requested?  Do you limit your budget?  Or go all out for parties?  How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “It’s, It’s a Birthday Blitz

  1. Very, very cute! I like (really like – cause I’m a dog person = ) ) the theme = ) I was thinking, you could have taken a pic of your dog and used that instead of Kim’s image, no? Just a thought – but it all came out really nice = )

    1. Hi Liliana!

      Thanks! I could have, but I wanted it to look more childish and artsy. 🙂 And I really love Kim’s painting, so it was perfect.


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