September Acronym

Okay, I’m losing it.  Yesterday I thought, “Now that it’s September, this super hot and dry summer will be behind us.”  Um, no.  September was last month.  Because it’s October, here’s September’s monthly acronym recap.

Stripping down:  Peeling off wall paper backing and testing removal methods.

Excavating:  Digging up the back patio, fountain, and retaining walls.  

Prepare to drool: Over Ben’s giant ginger cookie recipe.

Transformations and transitions:  Giving a brass bar cart a chrome face lift and using silverware trays to organizing a few drawers.

Engineered art:  Five dollar engineering prints turned to large bedroom art.

Making progress and plans:  Painting the entertainment center (well, most of it), getting concrete cut to lower the pool house door (and a peek at the back yard plans).

Birthday bash: Dog themed with invitations and hand-made details.

Eco boost:  Picking out, preparing for, and installing new, energy-efficient windows.

Repair and repaint: Fixing a broken picture frame and painting dipped table legs.


Hopefully the cooler weather will push us back inside to work.  I’m hoping to work on the bedrooms.  Based on the survey, I know several of you are looking for more decor driven posts, and so are we (well I definitely am).  Also, we had a few requests to post more often than once each week day.  To test it out, I’ll be back with another quickie project this afternoon.  What do you think about posting more often?  So we can share a little project here and there?


6 thoughts on “September Acronym

  1. You folks have been busy! I knew that, but looking at the September review brings it all into focus. Good job! I didn’t do the survey but thought I’d answer your question about posting frequency. Though it’s always fun to see what’s going on, I have no problem with less frequent posting. My feeling is that it’s important to keep balance in your life – it seems like posting more often might impinge on the time for yourself and your family. Even once a day is a major commitment that I certainly wouldn’t want you to do if it takes away from living your life. Thanks for all you do at keeping folks informed.

    1. Hi Barbara H,

      That’s one thing I like about the monthly review posts. All of our accomplishments are in one handy place and we can see exactly how much we’ve done.

      And thanks for your input about posting. I’ll have to see how it goes. But it might be hard to finish enough projects to post twice a day, even if it is only once or twice a week. And I don’t want watered down posts just to have something. 🙂


  2. I read your post about the concrete cutting last week and as I was on my way to a party in a more affluent neighborhood in my city I saw exactly what you were describing with the pergola and gas fireplace. I just about stopped the car to snap a picture of it for you! If I ever go past it again I will do that!

    1. Hi Catie!

      Ooh yes, please do if you’re in the area again. Love that you’re willing to be a creeper (in a good way!) for me. 🙂


  3. I have to second that I’m perfectly OK with once-per-day posts! I don’t think I could keep up with that, even, and I totally understand if you stick to once a day. Balance is definitely important, and you’ve got a lot going on! Love following the progress on the new house 🙂

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