Craspedia, Billy Buttons, Whatever

I’m sure you know those cute yellow flower balls I’m talking about.  They’re everywhere lately, and for good reason.  Except in the state of Montana.  Seriously, I have yet to see these guys anywhere.

{photo via Flored Del Sol}

I’ve got plenty of cute vases.  Though most, okay, all, are empty.  While decorating the entertainment center for fall, I decided that had to change.  A simple, modern shape and bright color would be perfect.  Billy buttons, that’s what I needed.  So I set out to make my own.  I’ll let you judge how realistic/cute they are after the tutorial.

Using small foam balls (from Dollar Tree), green floral wire, paper clips (not pictured), and sunny yellow spray paint, I got to work.

First I skewered each ball with a straightened paper clip and stuck it in a piece of scrap foam.  If you don’t have foam, you could stick these in a pile of small rocks or even hold at the end.  Then I spritzed each sphere with the yellow paint and let it dry.

Once the balls dried, I cut pieces of floral wire to length and pushed the balls on.  Voila, faux billy buttons.

Looking back at the thicker painted yellow paper clips, I might like that better.  But I’m happy with my two dollar ‘flowers.’  Ben thinks they look like cheese balls stuck on wire.

{photo via}

Though if you ask me, I think cheese balls are more orange.  I suppose if you have cheese balls in your pantry, you could give ’em a shot.

Rather than tucking these cuties on the shelf, I plopped them on the bar cart turned side table for a pop of color.

So, what’s the verdict?  Cheap and cute?  Or cheesy?  Literally.  Where do/have you found billy buttons?

17 thoughts on “Craspedia, Billy Buttons, Whatever

    1. Hi Nora!

      I’ve checked at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby with no success. 😦 I’m hoping they’ll get some in soon for fall/winter stuff.


  1. I know there are places online that sell them dried and the cost isn’t crazy. Maybe try that? I, luckily, found some at the grocery store last year, so I bought them and dried them out and they’re still going strong! Love them!

  2. I live in MA and haven’t seen them for reals anywhere. I do however see them online all the time – starting first with MCM homes. Personally they scream, “Hey It’s 1973 in this photo! ” I just don’t really like them. But seriously, I’m in the minority. They are EVERYWHERE!

  3. Cute! Never would have guessed they’re fake! I have a little bud vase of craspedia from my wedding over a year and a half ago and they’re still going strong. I love them!

  4. I think they came out super cute. I am not familiar with the flower, but I will be making myself familiar. They are darling. I would like to see mare in your vase as well. If I can’t find the real thing, I am going to try your method, and make a bunch to clump together like in your source picture.

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