File it Away

This past weekend, we didn’t work much on our to do list.  That’s not to say we didn’t work.  We just didn’t work on noticeable, blog worthy projects.  Instead, we loaded up some of the dirt pile Craigslist responders wanted.  Ben worked a little more on digging out areas and leveling out the back yard.  We cleaned, organized, Ben baked, and I spray painted a few things.  Yesterday you saw one of those things, faux billy buttons.  While organizing my office, I pulled out an empty, ugly brown file drawer just like this one.

I bought at the thrift store, oh, two years ago and never used.  It was five bucks and I figured I could use it for something.  Well, I figured out that something.  For the last few months, I’ve been storing the boys’ wet bath toys in a cheap metal bucket on the vanity shelf.  I didn’t like that the ugly toys were left in the open.  So I checked to see if the toys would fit in the drawer.  They did, so I dug around my stash of spray paint in the laundry room, coming out with a can of primer and another can of metallic silver paint.  A quick scrub with a rag, a light coat of primer, two coats of silver, and a few hours to cure in the sunlight, I brought it inside.

To prevent rusting of the inside, I popped in a cheapie plastic bin before loading the toys in.

That creepy eye belongs to Woody from Toy Story.  You’re welcome.  Toys are still easy to get at sitting on the bottom shelf (next to a basket for toilet paper and soap), but out of sight.

As you can see, the vanity isn’t finished.

We still have to build the false fronts, then repaint the whole vanity.  I should probably dust it sometime, too.

Please tell me you buy things from thrift stores and don’t use them for months or years.  Where/how do you store bath toys?

P.S.  You’ve gotta love Montana weather.  This summer has been hotter and drier than most, with no measurable precipitation in September.  We’re ready for a change.  Yesterday was clear, sunny skies with near 80 degree temps.  Last night, Montana treated us to a beautiful sunset.

This morning started with rain and quickly turned to snow.

Big, slow falling flakes, too.  I feel like a kid again.  Our first snow day.  Welcome.

Vincent told Everett, “Look at the snow on the deck.  It’s not watching where it’s falling.”  That’s right, snow does not discriminate.

I had plans for today, but maybe I’ll sit back, relax, watch a movie with the boys, and drink hot chocolate.  Yes, that sounds perfect.

16 thoughts on “File it Away

  1. How do you make something as boring as a little file cabinet look SO DANG CUTE?!! I love that! Great color choice, and it’s so cool that you had a little plastic bin to protect the inside. Great job!
    I am a little upset, however, that you’re sending snow our way. Actually, to northern MN. Didn’t you know Dan has a fishing trip on the MN/Canada border next weekend? 🙂 j/k, the first snowfall is always exciting!

    1. Hi Jenna!

      Ha, I think it’s cute. Glad you do, too. 🙂 We might not send the snow your way. Looks like we’ve got cold temps/rain for the next few days.


  2. I vote for the hot chocolate and watching a movie with the boys! But, don’t forget to snuggle together on the couch with blankets.

    1. Hi Leslie,

      That’s where we’re at, too. We definitely need the moisture to put out so many of the fires that have been going on. I’ll definitely send some rain thoughts your way. And, now I have a reason to be lazy. 🙂


  3. Don’t ya just love it when you find something useful in a Thrift Store find and it’s not the intended use. I can’t wait to see that finished vanity. Also love the glimpses of Montana. I’m all the way over in Upstate New York and have never been to your beautiful state. I really enjoy following all of your progress at the new house. I don’t know how you two do it all but it’s fun watching.

  4. I just wanted to pop in and say how great the photos in this post are! So nice and bright. In previous posts on the bathroom I haven’t been able to tell what color the vanity was, but it looks great 🙂

  5. We store bath toys in a plastic bin in the bathroom. Love your idea with the drawer lined with the plastic tub.
    I also buy things at thrift stores and yard sales that I don’t use immediately. They sit with the extra stuff that I’m not willing to get rid of buy don’t currently use.
    Wish it were snowing here! It was 81 degrees last night!

  6. wow, what a change in weather! i wish it would start raining here (the oregon coast). snow on the other hand is a different story. i love watching it fall and how quiet everything is when it snows (i’m originally from california so i love the occasional snow we get where i live), but i hate that everyone thinks they can just drive how they normally do. we had a guy almost slam into the retaining wall in front of our house last year because he was going too fast. i mean, hello, do you not see the 6 inches of snow that came down last night! living on the coast means we don’t get much snow, so no one really knows how to drive in it.

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