Craft Challenge: The After

Okay, I admit I kind of let the Craft Challenge slip my mind.  Life gets crazy sometimes and I wasn’t feeling inspired to craft.  While my crafts aren’t super creative, I’m happy to have done something slightly creative yesterday.  Other than fabric scraps and wire, I didn’t have enough of any other item to make what I wanted.  So, here’s what I did make.

A fabric covered mouse pad and fabric covered, reusable twist ties.  Both were super easy and I had all supplies on hand.  To revamp my old 99 cent Ikea mouse pad, I used a scrap of blue and white striped fabric, glue (Mod Podge shown, but I switched to Aileen’s Tacky Glue for superior adhesion), and a foam brush.

As easy as spreading glue on the pad, pushing and smoothing fabric, and let it dry.  Cut the excess off.

I tried using embroidery floss to make a blanket stitch around the outsides.  Five stitches in, my only large needle broke.  But the fun stripes at my desk make me smile.

To make the twist ties, I used two strips of fabric, one of Wonder Under interface, a small piece of wire, and a little more Aileen’s tacky glue (not shown).

First, I ironed the interface to one piece of fabric.

Then peeled off the paper backing and placed my small wire on top.

Another piece of fabric on top, ironed to the other fabric sandwiched the wire.

I decided to make a simple leaf design at each end, leaving the center a thin strip.  Because the interface only lightly adheres the two fabrics, I added a thin line of glue to the thin center strip.  Wrap around anything for a cuter way to hold things together.  Cables?  Sure.

To close a bag of bread?  Yep.

As a napkin holder?  Why not!

In fact, I might make more to seal Halloween candy bags.  Because we got about ten trick-or-treaters at our other house, I’m guessing we’ll have the same or fewer here.  Who wants to hike up our driveway?  And I think black bat shaped ties on cellophane bags would be adorable.  I’m already thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas versions, too.  Why not add one to a bottle of wine as a hostess gift?  Or to wrap up a bag of cookies?  Now it’s your turn to share what you made.

8 thoughts on “Craft Challenge: The After

  1. Your bat twist tie enclosure idea is a great one! Very simple, but adds a nice touch. P.S….I love your sincerity! It is what it is & you do what you can. A girl after my own heart! lol

    1. Thanks, Julianne! I’ll share pictures if I make them. 🙂 And thank you so much for your support and kind words!


  2. The pictures are FANTASTIC!
    I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get around to doing anything creative with your challenge. I hope to join in next time, though. Please require the use of a sewing machine and I’ll be all over it! j/k, but only a little. 🙂
    Both of these creations are adorable and totally usable. I love that you made little leaves for the ties, and it gives you so much flexibility to make more for other occasions.
    If you’re looking for a stronger double-sided interfacing, I suggest using Heat N Bond Ultrahold, which is intended to be used in place of sewing. The fabric pieces will be a little stiffer because of the stronger glue, but if anything it will only help the holding ability of the floral wire.
    Great job!

    1. Hi Jenna!

      Good, I’m glad to hear the pictures look good. 🙂

      I’ll make a sewing challenge for you next time. And, that’s good to know about the Heat N Bond. I’ll have to get some next time I go to the fabric store. 🙂


  3. those twist ties are an awesome idea! I can envison a much prettier and organized wires-and-cables box in our house. Thanks for the idea!

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