Restore Rescore

Things are kind of quiet around our house lately.  We’re working on plans for projects and doing research.  Ben’s been working in the attic, adding foam board insulation to the eves in preparation for the cellulose he wants to add.  Boooorrring.  But, one of those planned projects included a trip to Habitat for Humanity Restore for supplies. Sadly, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did come home with something else I’m excited about.  Here’s a hint, it involves this thrift store light fixture in the breakfast nook.

Actually, the removal of it.  Why?  Because it was better in theory than in practical application.  Ben doesn’t like the look of exposed bulbs.  Also, the downward cast lighting was harsh.  At Restore, I saw a globe light, in all it’s 70’s glory, just sitting on the shelf, waiting for someone to take it home for 20 bucks.  I called Ben to tell him about it, not knowing where I’d put it if I bought it.  He said he didn’t need it.  Just after I hung up, a light bulb moment happened.  Why not take down the harsh $6 thrift store light and put this up.  Didn’t have an exposed bulb, had all parts, and the translucent glass globe should diffuse the light for a soft, warm glow.

Ben liked it, so the next day, he hung it up for me.

I like the simple shape and soft glow.

At night, it lights up the breakfast nook, not just the table.

And, it matches the lights in the pool house.

Call me crazy, but I like the vintage look.  For $20 and a few minutes to install, it was definitely worth it.

20 thoughts on “Restore Rescore

    1. Hey Esther!

      Isn’t that the truth. Who would have thought neon clothing would have made a come back?!? Haha. I doubt I would have bought this light if we still lived in our other house, but in here, I think it works.


  1. Awesome find! It would also look good with a cool medallion or something added to it at the ceiling. I’ve never been to my local restore. I’m thinking of taking a trip to check it out soon.

    1. Hi Shavonda,

      Thanks! Our restore is hit or miss, so I’m glad I came home with something. Treat it like a thrift store, things are always changing. You have to go somewhat often just to see what you can find. 🙂


  2. That is so cool. I love it. Now I think I will march down to my restore tomorrow at see if I can find anything cool. I have to go there anyway. Great find! Do you have plans with the blue light? It is so cute.

    1. Hi Caity!

      Aww, thanks! Umm, I don’t know where the blue one will land. I think I’ll keep it around and see if we have a place for it. If not, I’m not too concerned considering it only cost 6 bucks. I’ll keep you updated though!


    1. Hey Chance!

      I think these vintagey lights definitely have to be in the right setting. If it doesn’t work for you, you could sell it for a few bucks. 🙂


  3. It’s perfect! I’ve been trying to find the right fixture for our nook for two years! We have two recessed lights over our dining table and I think I’m leaning toward school house lights-I agree with the encased bulb and soft glow…I may even try my hand at installing a dimmer finally!

  4. Wow, had no idea you had a pool house. You two have done something right to be able to buy such a big house and have a pool house to boot. Maybe you should do posts on how to stretch a dollar, haha.

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