Bathroom Break

For the New Year, I’m trying to organize more around the house.  Call it a resolution if you wish.  Some of that includes improving our current systems.  In the words of Tim Gunn, ‘Make it work!’  First up, working out the main bathroom storage.  After rearranging some miscellaneous supplies gathering on the top shelf, I cleared room for our supply of toilet paper.  Yes, we buy it from Costco, so we’re stuck storing 36 rolls.  Lucky for us, we’ve got a large shelf to help out there.  Below that we store soap, cotton balls, and q tips in covered glass jars.  A stack of clean white towels toward the bottom rounds out the closet.

Bathroom Organization Closet

Then I added a ‘guest jar.’  Basically, I took all the travel sized necessities and stuck them in another lidded glass jar.  This way, our guests can see assorted items and take something they might have forgotten.

Bathroom Organization Guest Extras

Below that we still have the storage caddy, a bottle of mouthwash, a lotion pump, and a few more travel sized toiletries.

Bathroom Organization Shelf

This time, cute Burt’s Bees.  Just a little something special.

Bathroom Organization Extra Toiletries

In a house full of boys and DIY projects, we often need a basic first aid kit.  Easy access is always nice, so I filled two plastic boxes with supplies.  The top one, from my great grandma, holds an assortment of bandages.

Bathroom Organization First Aid Kits

The bottom one, an Alli weight loss container from a thrift store, has first aid necessities.  Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, in labeled travel sized shampoo bottles leaves space for other items.

Bathroom Organization First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, everyone in this house has a cold, so I haven’t gotten my organizational hands elsewhere.  Have you organized (or reorganized) any areas of your home recently?

6 thoughts on “Bathroom Break

  1. Just wanted to mention that hydrogen peroxide will not be much use if it is in a clear bottle. Thats my understanding at least.

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