Quick Trick

Still sick, so I’ll make this quick.  Here’s a trick I use because I change art out often.  Use washi tape to hold art in place.  I know, I know.  Not revolutionary, but it is easier to use than regular clear tape.


The light tack won’t tear the art or the mat when you’re ready for a change.  But check to make sure the tape is acid free so it doesn’t damage the art or photos.


How about a few favorite Washi tape favorites and sources?  Dots and StripeGrey Star, Gold Dots and almost everything else in the Pretty Tape shop.


The Washi Shop has oodles of fun washi tape designs like Orange Chevron, Gold Stripe, and Hot Pink Hearts.

Modern Tape in another shop stocked with washi eye candy.  Glitter tape, Gold Plaid, and Navy Waves are my favorites.

Of course Target is another favorite source.  Check in the office supply section for a pack of four.  What are you using washi tape for?  Care to share your favorite sources?

P.S.  The Our Humble Abode 50% off sale ends tonight.  Use the coupon code RINGIN2013 to activate the discount.

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