Art With Heart

Now that we’ve landed on a frame layout for the mantel, I took a few hours to fill the frames with art.

Art On Mantel Overall

The two smaller frames are unchanged, but the rest is new.

Art On Mantel from Side

In the center, I wanted something with some color, but still simple with meaning.  Enter the Venn diagram.

Art On Mantel Venn Diagram

Colored tissue paper left over from Christmas, a salad plate, a large sheet of white paper, and marker (all supplies I had on hand) made up this quick art.

Art On Mantel Supplies for Venn Diagram

With the plate on the tissue paper, I cut around it to make two circles.  Pieces of double-sided tape hold it down.  Using Photoshop, I made a B + A, flipped and printed on plain paper.  Once cut out, I used small strips of double-sided tape to attach.

Art On Mantel Venn Diagram Detail

For a little more interest, I wrote Je t’aime across the bottom.  Voila, geek chic art.  Sure, it’s not perfect, but that’s okay.

On the easel, I printed this Lulie Wallace painting and taped it to a small canvas.  Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.  This afternoon I plan to make a small floral painting (inspired by these), but wanted to test it out.  The small shadow box displays the boys’ hospital bracelets.

Art On Mantel Silhouette on Wood

In the black frame, I cut a silhouette of a statue.  She kind of looks like the Statue of Liberty, right?  But she’s not.  Actually, she is an angel statue I took a photo of on our honeymoon in Savannah.

Art On Mantel Statue

Once printed out and cut from metallic silver paper, she shimmers just like Robert Pattinson in Twilight.  For a rustic/glam balance, I taped her to a piece of wood veneer.

Art On Mantel Silhouette Detail

To the right I popped in this blue flower print from Ara133 Photography in the existing mat.

Art On Mantel Photos

The photo is Ben and his brothers when they were kids.  It’s highly adorable and cracks me up every time.  All the dark and wood tones on the left were feeling a little heavy.  Sure, painting the small square frame white and the small rectangle frame black will help balance (once our weather cooperates!).  But a small dose of wood never hurt anyone.  Wait, that sounded bad.  Lotus pods and fuzzy faux greenery from the Dollar Store in a white Ikea vase fix that.

Art On Mantel Close

Just a little warmth and darkness.  Seriously, how great are lotus pods?  I think they should be the new billy button.

Art On Mantel Lotus Pods

For a few hours of work, I’m thrilled with the result.  Art with meaning, happy colors, and zero dollars spent.  That’s right, I used frames and supplies we already had sitting around the house.

Family Room with Art on Mantel

Much cheerier than the empty frames of yore.

Mantel Frame Arrangements Final

And I can easily swap art out with changing seasons, holidays, or moods.  I’m hoping to con, um, convince Ben to install the new door trim, baseboard, and crown in the family room so I can get some paint on the walls.  I’m guessing I won’t succeed, but I can hope.

What do you think of the new art?  What’s your favorite art you’ve made?  Have any big plans for the weekend?

12 thoughts on “Art With Heart

    1. Hi Shootingallens!

      Aw, thanks! First off, play around with things. Don’t worry about it being perfect the first try. Secondly, use things you love. You’re more likely to like the outcome. 🙂 We’ve always had a window above our bed, so I’ve never had to deal with art there. But I really like pairs of things that show his/hers. Initials, home state art, birthdays, favorite animal/color/number, etc. are all great. Get matching frames with mats (makes even DIY art look legit) and frame 6 inches to 18 inches above the headboard. Hopefully that gave you an idea. 🙂


  1. I love it all so much. What a difference from what you started with. I love that this space is useful and meaningful. I love that you worked with what you had. I find that I’m more drawn to blogs that decorate on a budget lately. You and Ben should be very proud how it’s all coming together.

  2. Oh my gosh where have you been??? Since around October every time I tried to access your site it popped up saying it was a private blog and I needed a password 😦
    I also couldn’t find you on Facebook to find out what was going on! But today I am happy because I found you again! (And on Facebook too) 🙂

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