Etsy Favs: January

Our brother, sister-in-law, and niece are visiting.  We’re so excited; we haven’t seen them in over a year!  So we’re making the most of our precious time together.  In the mean time, enjoy January’s Etsy favs.

Solar System print from Penny Luxe Sales:

Faux Taxidermy Zebra Head by Mahzer and Vee:

Leaf Drawing from Obvious State:

A Greener Place painting by Emily Jeffords:

I’m Such a Dodo print from Funnel Cloud:

Druzy Pendant at Midwest Alchemy:

Reversible Cloth Napkins from Too Cute Custom Crafts:

Facet Hanging Lamp by Port Rhombus:

Rainy Day Earrings from Goddess of Jewelry:

Gray Medallion Table Runner by Giardino:

Valentine Print Love Quote at Lily and Val:

Tree with Lights photograph by Eye Poetry:

Stars Can’t Shine print from Hairbrained Schemes:

Mr. Gray Cat by Frighten:

Forest Ferns Block print from Coffee in Bed:

Colorful Geometric Pillow by I Am Christina Bot:

Wood Letter Holder from Less and More:

There are more than a few items I’m really crushing on this month.  As in I must make them mine (or my family’s).  I’m Such a Dodo, Mr. Gray, and Colorful Geometric Pillow, I’m looking at you.  Do you have a particular favorite?  Or a few favorites?

P.S.  Check out our shop to see a few new (funny) prints perfect for Valentine’s day.  Without You, what better way to show you care than with a Kelly song?

Venn Diagram, the print version of our recent art creation.

And Wuv, Twue Wuv, a Princess Bride quote Ben and I say all the time.

As usual, all our art is customizable with your favorite colors.

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