Keep a Low Profile

Slowly but surely, we’re chugging along on our family room.  I’m trying to keep Ben focused on one room instead of jumping around.  Fingers crossed we’ll start on (and finish) the trim this week or weekend.  Then patching a small crack in the ceiling, then comes paint, and a complete-ish room.  But we have to discuss the lighting, too.  Specifically the oddly placed, too traditional faux candle sconces by the back door.

Family Room Sconces

Unfortunately we can’t nix these entirely for lack of a better option.  Sure, we could install outlets in the floor for lamps.  But I’m not a fan of cutting permanent holes in hardwood floors when the furniture arrangement might change.  Recessed cans could work, but we’d like to avoid a Swiss cheese looking ceiling.  When it comes down to it, we realized we don’t hate the sconce idea, just the sconces we now have.  Mostly, how far they stick out (this is a walk way), the style, and the harsh light from an exposed bulb.

Family Room Sconces Profile

Which easily narrowed down our search criteria.  Must have the lowest profile possible, a shaded light, and something that looks good.  Thanks to my friend Photoshop, we get to see the top four options in action.  Simple ORB lights from Home Depot are okay, but not my favorite.

Family Room Sconces Monroe from HD

Same goes for these from Lowe’s.

Family Room Sconces Illume from HD

Even this set of cut out sconces from Lamps Plus wasn’t doing it for me.  That’s when I realized I didn’t like the half round sconce style.

Family Room Sconces Possini from Lamps Plus

And when I laid my eyes on these pretties, also from Lamps Plus, I knew they had to be mine.  Pretty, filtered light, and low profile.  Even better, they come in four different metal finishes.  Hello satin nickel.  Come to mama.

Family Room Sconces George Kovacs from Lamps Plus

Now, let’s light the fire to get this all done.  I’m seriously craving a nearly finished room; some tangible progress.  This will be the first one in this house!

What’s your favorite sconce?  Have you had to search for an item with very specific requirements?  How’d it go for you?

8 thoughts on “Keep a Low Profile

  1. I think I like the ORB from Home Depot the best, totally my style though…but if you are going with brushed nickel finish then I can see where these wouldn’t work for you. Your room is looking wonderful, I love seeing all the progress in this new house.


  2. I like your choice! I haven’t had to make any big light decisions but I have a TON coming up in the next year or so. We have lots to upgrade like you guys.

  3. Your favorite is my favorite, too! I’ve been looking for plug-in wall scones (because we move so often) for months and months and months. I’d love a pair of swing arm sconces for either side of our headboard. The ones I’ve come across have just been waaaayyy too expensive. It makes Ikea look all that more appealing : ]

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