Manly Valentine Gift

Happy Valentine’s day, friends!  Do you have special plans for today/tonight?  I planned to share this yesterday, but sick kids need a lot of attention.  Go figure!  Luckily, this is a crazy easy, crazy awesome Valentine gift for a hard to buy for man.  Ben isn’t a tech guy, so that’s out.  Doesn’t have a suit and tie job.  Likes hunting, DIY-ing, and usually buys things if he really wants/needs it.  What to get him?  Alcohol and ingredients for his favorite drink.

Usually he sticks to red wine.  Depending on his mood though (or how obnoxious I’ve been?), he’ll have a beer.  But his favorite mixed drink is gin and tonic.  Oddly enough, I don’t think we’ve had gin in the house in the time we’ve been married.  A stop at the liquor store before grocery shopping and I had a gift ready.

Valentine Gift for Men

A bowler hat topped bottle of gin was too cute to pass up (I totally buy things based on packaging), bottle of tonic water, and a cake plate (on clearance at Target) full of limes.  No wrapping necessary!  The new addition to the bar prompted a rearrangement.  Ben found the antlers from his first deer.  Aren’t they small and adorable?  Perfect man addition to balance out the heart print and pink straws.

Valentine Gift for Men Rearranged Bar

And the shelf above it got a burst of (fake) life.  Two faux green succulents from Hobby Lobby in a sugar dish add color to the white grouping.  I swear, a shot of green makes everything look more lively.

Valentine Gift for Men Bar with Shelf

Next I want to make a drink chart to frame and hang in the nook.  I’m 98 percent sure I want a second shelf.  And 130 percent ready for painted walls.  Frankenwall be gone!

Ben surprised me with a beautiful necklace.  And a bouquet of flowers.  And chocolate covered pomegranate.  Totally spoiled and not worthy.


Of course I had to make a Hey Girl meme (or three) to take part.




I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s day.

14 thoughts on “Manly Valentine Gift

  1. You totally made me giggle out loud. For that, my sincerest and silliest thanks.

    The new additions to the bar and shelf above look great. Love those little antlers. I wish I had the set from my first deer, which were also tiny.

  2. Ulp. You had me UNTIL the ‘small and adorable’ antlers from his first deer. YUCK. They were small and adorable on a living deer. Hacked off of a dead deer, shot in cold blood, mounted…does NOT scream adorable. It screams Hannibal Lector. Disturbing.

    1. Hi Dead Parrot Sketch!

      I understand, antlers aren’t for everyone. The reason I am okay with these is because I know Ben and I know he doesn’t shoot animals for trophies (which is obvious because these are small). He has always hunted for meat, not sport or trophy antlers – leaving the body behind. Because yes, that is gross and disturbing. So are taxidermy heads. I hope that clears it up!


    1. Hi Jennifer!

      Ha, that’s too funny. This picture was already on the blog (he knew about it). He’s such a good sport. 🙂 I hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s day!


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