Less Expected Art Placement

Over the weekend, we started working on a new project.  Hint, it involves taking everything off the shelves in the guest room, but more on that when we make a little more progress.


I packed the shelf contents into five laundry baskets.  That’s a lot of stuff.  I’ll need to pare down my stuff to make room for Handy Sammy and his stuff.  After all, he’s the one living in the room.  I could either haul everything but the books to the basement or find a place to put it.  I’d prefer the second option, so I looked around.  And decided my side of the closet was the perfect spot.


A mini collection right next to my socks and pajama pants.


I think it’s a fun, unexpected place to see art.  Then I started thinking of other surprise art places.  Like the back of a door.


Hanging above a stack of books on a shelf.

{from Martha Stewart}

Or over books, on the shelf frame.

{designed by Albert Hadley}

Even over a large mirror.

{I can’t find the original source}

Or in a very traditional place, but in an unusual arrangement.

{via Desire to Inspire}

Any fun places you like to hang art, even if it is a little crazy?

12 thoughts on “Less Expected Art Placement

  1. I like the back of the door or in the closet idea. Will keep in mind when I move to my new house. I love frames up the stairs above the railing.

  2. I have hung art behind a door. It IS fun to hang in unexpected places. It’s like a little surprise everytime! I just hung art in the basement stairwell, not super unusual but still makes the space fun when we pass through.

    1. Hi Jae!

      Love that you have art behind a door. Isn’t it fun to see something you just added? You notice it more because it’s new. That’s my favorite part of completing a project, the newness.


  3. We have this cute little lizard painting . . . right above the roll of toilet paper in the kids’ bathroom. Always brings a smile to both the kids and visitors!

  4. Our master closet is such a waste of space! I desperately need storage and org system in there! We had someone come give a quote and for a very basic (white, flat front even!) it was over 4k…no thanks! What prefab systems have you found to be good? I know this is random, but I liked how much storage you have!

    1. Hey Sara!

      Oh yeah, we’ve had those crappy closets with one shelf and a bar. This system was already here and would be pretty easy to duplicate if you or someone you know has a little skill, muscle, a table saw, and nails (or a nailer). I’m sure it would be much, MUCH cheaper than the prefab systems, too. Just cut pieces to run floor to ceiling, nail thin strips, then nail the shelves on the supports. I’ve never used this place before, but I’ve heard good things about Easy Closets. I entered dimensions for a 5 by 10 foot closet and the system pricing was around $1200 and it has tons of customizeable options.

      Hope that helps!


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